Medieval Dynasty Wisent | How to Kill Wisent & Location



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Medieval Dynasty Wisent! Fierce creatures, you can hunt, which provide you with resources for your survival.

Medieval Dynasty Wisent | How to Kill Wisent & Location

These very aggressive creatures give off an average of four fur, three leather, and six meat. They populate heavily in some areas.

To hunt these, you would have to know where exactly to find them and track them. There are quest or chapters which will require you to hunt these vicious animals.

Even though they are not hard to come by in some areas, players still struggle with finding them because they do not know where these animals spawn.

We are giving you the exact locations on where you can find Wisents in the Medieval Dynasty.

All Wisent Locations

  • South-east of Lesnica on the other side of the river
  • Near Hornica

In these areas, you can find the Wisent most available. There are other areas too which the Wisent can spawn, but sometimes you can search around for hours until you find one.

They spawn in areas that are mostly flat and forest-like. Please stay off the high-grounds to track them more efficiently.

They can be pretty hard to kill, and your best bet is a ranged weapon.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use spears or arrows (or any ranged weapon)
  • Get a knife so that you can skin it afterward
  • Keep your distance. They are very aggressive
  • Aim for headshots
  • Start attacking from a distance
  • Get iron arrows (if possible)

As I said, these animals are rarer than most, and it could be tough to find a number of them. But they are most present in the two areas mentioned above, so keep your eyes open.

Loot-wise they are not the greatest, but you get a fair amount of meat for them. Also, you will need to hunt a number of them for a specific chapter. So, stay safe on your hunt!

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