How to Get a Vampire in Miitopia


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As you wander through the Miitopia world, you’ll encounter numerous characters with unique personalities and different jobs. Some of these jobs, however, remain secret to most players. We’re talking about the Vampire and Elf jobs, and we’re are here to reveal the mystery.

How to Get a Vampire in Miitopia

If you’re looking for a more exciting job than a Chef or a Pop Star, you may try to become a Vampire. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get a Vampire job in Miitopia. We’ll also uncover which personality traits are best suitable for this job and the benefits of being a vampire.

How to Get a Vampire Job in Miitopia

Although Vampire is a hidden job, it can be obtained before you end the game storyline. To unlock a Vampire job, you’ll first need to defeat the Dark Lord in Karkaton. Then, head on to the Traveler’s Hub and find a Vampire there.


If you talk to the Vampire, they’ll reveal a special quest in Peculia. Upon arriving there, go to the Manor Macabre. That’s a temporary dungeon that appears at the Eerie Road and disappears after the quest completion.


You’ll need to go through the mansion and fight the Pop-Up Puppet boss.


Evaluate your skills beforehand, as this boss has 720 HP points. As a reward, you’ll receive a Bat Charm. When you return to the Vampire who gave the quest, you’ll unlock the Vampire’s job.


Benefits of Having a Vampire Job in Miitopia

Vampires use elemental magic in attacks and can gather HP from enemies, so it’s a handy class. They have the highest max HP across all playable characters, up to 424 points, and have one of the strongest magic skills of up to 482 points. Thus, they’re hard to kill. Vampires are great defenders and can revive themselves or other team members from the dead.


Which Personality Traits Are Best for a Vampire?

While you can choose unique traits for each character, some are more suitable for specific jobs. For example, Vampires lack speed and require the “Energetic” trait to balance this weakness.


“Stubborn” and “Kind” are also popular personality choices for a Vampire. The former enhances the Vampire’s recovery abilities while the latter increases your team’s defense, as the Vampire takes damage for others.


Also, the “Hang On” trait is another solid choice and will enhance Vampire’s reviving skill and occasionally prevent them from dying in the first place.

Pop-Up Puppet Attacks

You have a higher chance of defeating the Pop-Up Puppet if you know what to expect during the fight. This boss uses two attacks that will inevitably beat you right away.

The first one is smacking your Mii with the hat’s brim, and the second is emitting a poisonous cloud. Thankfully, there’s only a 20% chance the Pop-Up Puppet will use these particular attacks.


If he opens his cloak, you’ll see a marionette underneath it. This marionette will then take over control of your Mii, and you won’t be able to move it.

Once you understand the Pop-Up Puppet attacks, you’re in a better position to anticipate and counter them.

Bring New Blood to the Team

A Vampire is one of the most-desired Miitopia jobs – for players who know about it. They can make the team practically unbeatable, draining the enemy’s HP, reviving mates, and using powerful spells. Hopefully, our guide will help shine a light on this elusive occupation and help you to acquire it.

What are the best and worst Miitopia jobs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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