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Minecraft has become a beloved game throughout the years for many. Not only is it relaxing and expansive – it has animals (or mobs). Minecraft animals: I don’t think I need to say much more. 

Minecraft Animals: How To Tame, Breed & Ride Animals In Minecraft

Today, we’re going to look at all the Minecraft Animals that can be tamed, ridden and bred and go over the steps to acquire said animals. Let’s get to it! 

Taming & Breeding Explained

Breeding: Players can start the breeding process with two animals of the same species. To do this, two animals must be in the same area and be in “love mode”. When in “love mode” animals will produce hearts around them. Animals that can be bred have specific food items that will put them in “love mode”. Some animals have to be tamed before you can breed them. 

Taming: Domesticating a wild animal to befriend a player. Keep in mind only certain animals can be tamed.


Cats are passive and usually found in villages. They also scare away Phantoms and Creepers. Once tamed, they have collars on their necks. You can change the color of the collar by using dye. 

  • To Tame Cats: Feed them Raw Salmon or Raw Cod. Eventually, one will come up to you with raw fish in your hand and stare at you. Be extremely still when they approach you. If you move, they will get scared away. Feed the cat (while you’re feeding it, the cat will have grey spots around it). Once the cat becomes tamed, there will be hearts around the cat. 
  • To Breed Cats: 2 tamed Cats must be in close proximity to each other. One must be standing on their feet. The kitten’s color will take after whatever cat is standing. Feed both of them Raw Cod or Raw Salmon with full health. Hearts will appear and they will run towards each other. In the near future, a kitten will appear. Cats can breed once every 5 minutes. To speed up a kitten’s growth, feed it one of the fish above. 


Minecraft Animals

Chickens are passive animals that live all throughout the Overworld. They also follow players around that are holding seeds. 

  • To Tame Chickens: Well, you can’t technically tame chickens. But, you can corral them into a fenced in area and trap them. So, that’s basically the same thing, right? Just hold seeds and have them follow you. Then fence in the area so they can’t escape. They will lay an egg every 5-10 minutes.
  • To Breed Chickens: Once they’re in close range of each other, feed them beetroot seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds or wheat seeds. This will put them in “love mode” and a chick will appear soon. Like others, once they breed, you have to wait 5 minutes to enter “love mode” again. 


Cows are a passive animal that usually travel in herds of 3-8, but they can be found alone. They can usually be found in plain or snowy biomes. 

  • To Breed Cows: Make sure they’re close to each other. Give each Cow a portion of wheat. The red hearts will appear and they will be in “love mode”. Soon after, a calf will appear. Despite being young, you can still milk the babies. 


Donkey’s are passive creatures that can be ridden. In Survival Mode, they can be found in plains biomes. If you’re not in Survival Mode, they can only be spawned with a horse spawn egg. Donkey’s can only hold one chest.

  • To Tame Donkey’s: You just need a hand with no items in it and mount the Donkey. The Donkey will walk around for a little bit and probably buck you off. If the Donkey attempts to buck you off 11 times, you’ll see the hearts emit. This means it’s tamed and will no longer buck you off. 
  • Riding A Donkey: First, you should tame the Donkey. At first, you will be able to ride it and it will wander around with no real goal. To keep it from wandering, you’ll need a saddle equipped. Just open your inventory and place the saddle in the Donkey’s inventory slot for a saddle. 


Minecraft Animals

Foxes are passive, nocturnal creatures. They can be found in Taiga and Snowy Taiga biomes. They can also jump over anything 2-5 blocks. 

  • Taming Foxes: Once again, technically, you can’t tame a Fox. But, you can find 2 adult foxes in the wild and feed them Sweet Berries while they’re near each other. Soon, a baby Fox will spawn. You can then capture the baby Fox and get it out of range of it’s parents. Eventually, the baby Fox will begin to trust you and protect you if you are attacked. 

Horse & Mule

Horses usually spawn in groups in Plains or Savanna biomes. 

  • Taming Horses & Mules: Right click on the Horse with nothing in your hand. The Horse will buck you off a few times, but eventually the hearts will appear and it will be tamed. Golden Apples, Hay Bales, Apples, Wheat, Sugar and Bread will decrease this happening or the number of attempts you’ll have to make.
  • Breeding Horses & Mules: You must have 2 tamed Horses in close range to each other. Feed each Horse a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot and a Foal will spawn. You can also breed a Horse and Donkey to get a Mule. When mounted, a Horse can jump 5.5 blocks! 


Llama’s are neutral creatures that can be found in small hers in Mountain or Savanna biomes. They can be ridden, but you will have to use a lead to control them. 

  • Taming Llama’s: Similar to Horses, Donkeys and Mules, you must attempt to ride them and get bucked off. Once the hearts start emitting, it is tamed. As stated above, you can ride them, but not with a saddle. You’ll have to get a lead to control it’s movement. 
  • Breeding Llama’s: As with the others, you must have 2 tamed Llama’s in close range to each other. Feed both of them Hay Bales and they will spawn a baby in the near future.


Minecraft Animals

Panda’s are found in Bamboo Jungle biomes. They switch between neutral and passive behavior. 

  • Breeding Panda’s: To breed, there must be 8 blocks of Bamboo within 5 blocks of the Panda’s. You must then feed both Panda’s Bamboo. If you don’t have the Bamboo within the designated area, the Panda’s will attack you. 


Pigs are passive creatures that spawn in grassy areas of the Overworld. 

  • To Ride Pig’s: You have to find a saddle in a temple or dugeon since they are not craftable. To place a saddle, click on the pig with the saddle in your hand. While riding the Pig, you cannot control it’s movements unless you use a Carrot on a Stick and hold it in the direction you want the Pig to go. 
  • Breeding Pig’s: As usual, 2 Pig’s need to be within 16 blocks of each other. Feed each of them Carrots, Potatoes or Beetroots to enter “love mode”. Soon after, a Piglet will appear. 


Sheep are passive creatures that can always be found wandering throughout the Overworld. 

Taming: While you can’t tame a Sheep, you can use the same method as Chickens: corral them in the fence and block them in. Use wheat to lead them in. 

Breeding: As usual, make sure you have 2 Sheep in close proximity to each other. Feed each of them Wheat and wait for the baby Lamb to spawn. 


Wolves are neutral creatures that can be found in Forests, Ice Plains and Taiga biomes. 

Taming Wolves: They can be tamed by right-clicking (PC), holding down the action button (Pocket Edition) or using the right trigger (Console Edition) with a bone in the player’s hand. It takes between 1-6 bones before it becomes tame. When you see the hearts emit and a collar is added to the Wolf, it’s tame. 

Breeding Wolves: As usual, put 2 tamed Wolves in the same area. Hold a piece of meat near each Wolf and feed it to them. This will engage the “love mode”. Soon enough a baby Wolf will appear. 

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