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Apples are a typical food in the real world, but in Minecraft, obtaining an apple isn’t all that simple. You can spend days wandering around, hoping for an apple to spawn on your way or read our guide to find one quickly.

How to Get Apples in Minecraft Bedrock

Today, we’ll share instructions for obtaining an apple in Minecraft Bedrock. We’ll also explain how to get a Golden Apple and Enchanted Golden Apple and how to use them. Finally, we’ll disclose how to obtain any apples using cheats.

How to Get Apples in Minecraft Bedrock

Apples in Minecraft can’t be crafted or grown on your own. They have a 1/200 chance of falling from an Oak tree. Thus, the first step is to find an Oak.

Apples don’t just fall randomly, so you’ll need to chop the tree down. It’s easier with an axe.

On PC, left-click on the tree and hold the button while chopping the tree. If you play on a mobile, tap on the tree and hold. On Xbox or Play Station, press and hold the right trigger. Remember to pick up the apple quickly before it disappears.

There’s no guarantee you’ll obtain an apple by chopping down a tree, though. You have a higher chance of getting an apple from taller trees.

Apples also spawn randomly in villages, dungeons, and stronghold chests. Make sure to check every chest you see and stay aware.

How to Use Apples in Minecraft Bedrock

Unsurprisingly, apples in Minecraft are mainly eaten. A single apple restores four hunger points. However, some players prefer not to consume them but collect them to craft Golden Apples instead.

A Golden Apple can be crafted from one regular apple and eight golden ingots. These apples grant four Absorption Points and five seconds of Player Regeneration ll.

Additionally, Golden Apples mixed with Potion of Weakness can cure Zombie Villagers. Golden Enchanted Apples help to lure horses but not to breed them.

How Do I Get an Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft?

Enchanted Golden Apples are very rare items in Minecraft that grant 30 seconds of Player Regeneration V, five minutes of Fire Resistance, and four Absorption Points. They can’t be crafted but can be found in treasure chests. Sometimes, they spawn in dungeon chests, but mainly in the Igloo Chest.

How Do I Eat an Apple in Minecraft?

To eat an apple, you must first move it from your food inventory to the Hotbar.

Once you see an apple appear in the hotbar, right-click and hold(or tap and hold). On consoles, use the left trigger on your controller. You’ll see yourself eating. Release the mouse button or trigger once the apple is consumed and it disappears from your hotbar.

How Do I Get an Apple in Minecraft With Cheats?

Apples are hard to find, so you may want to use cheats to save time.

First, enable cheats in your world. To do so, head to the main world menu and click/tap the More World Options… button. In the next window, click the Allow Cheats: ON or toggle the Activate Cheats option. Now, you can return to the game.

Press the C key to bring up the cheat input box(or whichever key opens the chat). Then type in /give [player] apple [amount] and hit Enter. An apple will be added to your inventory. If you wish to obtain a Golden Apple or Enchanted Golden Apple, type in “golden_apple” or “enchanted_golden_apple” instead of “apple” into the cheat box.

As Easy as (Apple) Pie

Farming apples in Minecraft is cumbersome. That’s why many players prefer to eat other foods or use cheats to save time for something more interesting. After all, most games are meant to be fun, and there’s nothing wrong with making the most out of them.

Do you prefer to eat apples in Minecraft or use them to craft Golden Apples? Share your thought in the comments section below.

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