MLB The Show 21: How to Master Check Swings



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With the newest MLB The Show, the 2021 version, everything seems a tad bit more complicated. Everything from the UI to important game mechanics has been changed, and some aren’t big fans of the changes, while some do like them. In any case, the game is as difficult as ever. After all, it is a baseball game, so performing some stuff with a controller might be a tad bit difficult. One thing that is hard to do is check swings.

MLB The Show 21: How to Master Check Swings

Best Way to Perform Check Swings – MLB The Show 21

Being able to pull away from a swing and perform a check swing in order not to get a strike is no easy task. The best way to do it though, isn’t the fan-favorite way, or the easiest. Instead of the usual way, the best check swings are performed with the analog stick.

There is just no chance to consistently get swings if a player isn’t using the analog stick.

It is quite a few levels more complicated, and frankly more difficult, but once it is mastered, you have the best chance of check swings that way. So, to start using the analog stick, you must select the Pure Analog button interface as your primary.

The thing that you gain is a mechanical advantage. With a pure analog interface, players can release half-way in a particular swing in order to get a check swing.

Now, again like with the previous versions of the game, like MLB The Show 20 and 19, there is no method that will allow you to have 100% success performing this move. But we know that players get more used to it after some time.

Previous versions also had, what was called “Discipline”, a rating which increases the chances of a player performing a check swing.

Nowadays, in MLB The Show 21, there is no such rating or stat that increases those chances.

Players are left to user input, and user input only. The better you get at it, the more check swings you will be able to perform.

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