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TaleSpire is a “videogame” that has changed the way we see tabletop RPGs forever. This gets dangerously close to being the main option for said games, or something in Dungeons & Dragons style. Basically, it is a tool that you can use to create tabletop RPGs, and then actually play them with your friends! While all this is well and good, creating these games and using the TaleSpire tools is more than difficult.

TaleSpire: Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide

The developers of this “game” have made it somewhat easier to create games on their platform, compared to say, regular programming. But still, even with all of the efforts to make this tool as easy as possible, it is still quite complex.

It will take some time to get the hang of it, but there are so many things you can create with this tool!

First off, the basics. These were interestingly the hardest to learn. The basic movement through the world and interface was daunting, but after you start building and everything takes shape, it gets easier. Here are the things you need to know about the interface and camera:

  • All Controls – F1
  • Go back to origin point – F2
  • Create maps from the origin point. Users load in there first.
  • Player camera – F7
  • Loading of builder mode or GM – F8
  • Enable build mode – B
  • All assets and dice – Space
  • Enable GM Overlay mode – Tab
  • Names of creatures – Hold Tab

Planning is a must if you’re into creating games, so make sure to make a plan, or just have one in mind. Creativity also helps, just go wild with everything, test out everything. Furthermore, instead of going for something enormous for your first build, consider going small, and then expanding more and more. Don’t go crazy with build immediately from the start.

The most important thing aren’t the certain mechanics or certain methods of building. It’s persistence.

Whatever you do, keep at it. The practical aspect of the TaleSpire is easy to master. What is more difficult is the creation part. So, don’t feel overwhelmed, and try again and again.

Big thanks to istallri astra on the Steam forums for providing the helpful tips. Make sure to look at istallri astra’s guide, as it is highly detailed, and it will turn you from zero to hero!

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