Mobile Legends: The Duality of Silvanna (Tank/Mage Builds)



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Our next featured hero is a strong character with a tragic and yet inspiring background. Silvanna is a royal princess turned knightess. Growing up, Silvanna was set to rule the Moniyan Kingdom along with her family. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, our dear protagonist decided she could no longer sit and do nothing, so she decided to join their kingdom’s army and become a knightess. Combined with her keen mind and strong fighting skills, Silvanna has become one of the greatest warriors in the Land of Dawn. Just like how versatile Silvanna is in the story, she can also serve as either tank or mage in the game. So brace yourself, readers. We got a lot of tips in store for you for this dual type of hero!

Mobile Legends: The Duality of Silvanna (Tank/Mage Builds)

Indeed, Silvanna is a good team player for being able to adjust her role during picking. As we said earlier, she may play as an offlaner mage/fighter or accompany the core hero as the team’s tank. Whichever role you decide to take, it is essential to note the proper items and the appropriate battle spell for her. In this article, we will discuss two sets: tank items and magic items. Let’s get it on!


Battle spells are bonus skills in Mobile Legends. Right now, there are 12 different battle spells available for choosing. We usually advise players to pick a spell they are comfortable with. However, you also have to consider the role you are playing for the team. For Silvanna, two battle spells are suggested depending on which role you pick. As a tank player, the Vengeance spell (red circle) is best suited for our knightess since, once activated, it reflects magic damage to the attacker. This also decreases the attacker’s power.

On the other hand, if you decide to use Silvanna as a mage in the side lanes, then the Execute spell may be the right spell for you. Execute deals true damage to your enemy hero. It is best to use it whenever your opponent is on the verge of dying.

Some experienced players use Flicker to either escape or pursue a running enemy. Flameshot works for mages since its damage increases as you increase your mage hero’s magic power. Bottom-line, you pick whichever spell you are most comfortable with.


Before matching up, it is better to prepare the emblems before starting so that you can simply switch from different setups. If you intend to use Silvanna as Mage, she would need Magic Power to inflict effective damage to the enemies. A Magic Lifesteal of 5% can amplify Silvanna’s skills that steal health points from enemies. CD Reduction does well in cases she needs to use her ultimate skill more often. A high Magic Penetration of +19.50 effectively deals magic damage directly to the enemy hero. This means magic attacks by Silvanna ignore much of the opponent’s magic defense. Lastly, Impure Rage adds on high magic damage equivalent to the target’s current HP. Use this emblem set up for mage Silvanna, and you will be formidable!

Now, if your team is lacking for a tank user, we may use this hero with a tank build. Set the emblem to a tank attribute, and you will be just as durable as any other common tank. Physical and Magic Defense are both up in this setup. But the more important attribute in this emblem is Tenacity. This makes it so that whenever your HP is below 40%, your defenses are more increased. This increase will make any damage to you less effective.


Set up your equipment builds for Silvanna prior to any game. Put a label on each set to make it easier to switch whenever you are in the Picking section of the game. In the example below, dmg is the name of the set for Mage build, while tnk is the name set for our Tank build.


Arcane Boots – These boots are primary equipment needed during the early game. These shoes provide movement speed and magic penetration. Mages have the upper hand at the first few minutes of the game. Make sure to take advantage of that.

Concentrated Energy – Aside from added magic power, this item enables users to steal health points from the enemies by using any of the hero’s skills. Take note that Silvanna already has an innate magic Lifesteal attribute, so this skill will be amplified because of this equipment.

Holy Crystal – This special equipment grants the user a gradual increase of magic power. This increase depends on the level as well as the current total magic power of the hero.

Genius Wand – This item lets the magic attacks of its user penetrate more into the enemies’ magic defenses. In turn, each skill becomes more effective.

Blood Wings – The final item for mages is the Blood Wings which provides a whopping magic power of +150 points. This amazing equipment also grants the user a magic shield of +200.


Warrior Boots – Just like the Arcane boots, this is a primary item for tank heroes that provides +40 movement speed. It also adds physical defense against physical attacks.

Dominance Ice – this item offers additional mana, movement speed, and physical defense. What is unique about this equipment is that it reduces shield and HP regen of nearby enemies. Marksmen are strongly affected by this because their attack speed is reduced by 30%.

Oracle – This item grants a magic defense of +42. The shield and the HP regen of the user are also increased by 30%.

Antique Cuirass – This next item makes tanks more durable in clashes. When hit by an enemy’s attack, the damage is reduced– making it less effective.

Twilight Armor – This armor has a 20% critical damage reduction.

Queen’s Wings – Once the tank user’s HP reaches 40% of its total life points, attacks by the enemies are reduced by 20%.


1. Cometic Lance – using her spear, she attacks the enemy and stuns it for 1s. If Silvanna successfully hits an enemy, her first skill can be cast again. In doing so, she will dash forward then strike the enemy in front.

2. Spiral Strangling – Silvanna spins her spear in a forward direction. This causes damage to enemies, and you receive a shield upon casting. This skill allows Silvanna to steal HP from the enemy, gaining HP for herself.

3. Imperial Justice – Silvanna jumps forward to a designated area. If an enemy is caught inside the circle, they cannot escape. Using her ultimate, Silvanna’s attack speed and magic Lifesteal will also increase.

That’s it for our versatile heroine! Remember to communicate with your teammates to know which works best for your team’s lineup. Master this hero, and she will take you further in the ranks! Which role do you like better for Silvanna, mage or tank? Tell us in the comment section!

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