Mobile Legends: How to Use Cyclops With Tank/Mage Build



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Mobile Legends: How to Use Cyclops With Tank/Mage Build

In light of the new Star Wars skins, let’s focus on our favorite alien hero in Mobile Legends, Cyclops. This season has released a Master Yoda skin for this character. As you all know, Cyclops has a typical mage hero build, but not today. Let’s give him a new spin, shall we?

CYCLOPS AS A TANK-MAGE in Mobile Legends

  • DEMON SHOES: First on the list is the boots. Since Cyclops consumes a lot of mana, Demon Shoes will produce higher mana regeneration, especially when killing minions.
  • ENCHANTED TALISMAN: Every time Cyclops use his skills, their cooldown decreases. Therefore, he will need more mana to back up his skill usage. It also enables him to have a cooldown reduction of 20 percent.
  • DOMINANCE ICE: Acquiring this item transitions us from a full-mage build to a tank-mage build. This item, in particular, lets Cyclops chase his enemies while decreasing movement speed against their opponents. With this item, Cyclops becomes more durable against physical attacks.
  • Athena’s Shield: This item provides a durable shield against magic attacks. As a mage, Cyclops may be relatively weak against opposing mage heroes. Now, Cyclops can endure more burst damage against heroes with higher damage output.
  • CONCENTRATED ENERGY: This may be a piece of magic equipment, but this ultimately adds to Cyclops’ capacity to endure clash because of its magic life steal and additional spell vamp. Topped with durability from previous items and the addition of concentrated energy, enemies should be extra cautious when facing this Cyclops build.
  • GENIUS WAND: Our last item helps Cyclops’ attacks to be more effective against enemies. Aside from durability, Cyclops’ skills become more powerful.

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And that’s it for our small but powerful hero in Mobile Legends, Cyclops! With this build, he will be unstoppable on the battlefield. Were you able to do it? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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