Mobile Legends: Never Run Out of Mana With Alice Again



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The powerful mage Alice is a fan favorite in Mobile Legends—but her mana drains incredibly fast.

Mobile Legends: Never Run Out of Mana With Alice Again

This is not small due to Blood Ode, her mana-hungry ultimate skill. And after her last rework, her third skill only stops when used again or when she runs out of mana. Here is how to resolve this issue with a few tweaks to Alice’s gear setup:




1. DEMON SHOES. For starters, mana boots are handy for mage heroes. They provide an extra mana boost whenever you kill enemy minions.


2. ENCHANTED TALISMAN. This book gives a huge shot in the arm to your mana regeneration. The mana recovery helps to compensate for Alice’s mana-intensive ultimate.


3. CLOCK OF DESTINY. In addition to fortifying Alice’s mana, this item gradually increases her magic powers and health points.


4. LIGHTNING TRUNCHEON. This item is perfect for Alice due to its area of effect. It inflicts damage on multiple enemies nearby. Also, this tool gives Alice some added mana points.


5. TWILIGHT ARMOR. This protective gear is seldom used with mage heroes. But as we all know, Alice is not a typical mage hero. She can also be played as a tank mage. This tool provides +1200 HP and +400 mana. More importantly, after receiving physical damage, this inflicts true damage on all nearby enemies.


6. BLOOD WINGS. This gives Alice an additional +150 Magic Power. This is the highest Magic Power boost you can get from any mage item. On top of that, it provides a shield that protects against magic attacks.


7. GET THE BLUE BLUE/VIOLET BUFF. Finally, on top of all the mana bonuses you get from the aforementioned gear, you’ll want to add this buff to raise your mana regeneration. Combined, this setup will give you virtually unlimited mana to fuel all of Alice’s best skills.

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There you have it! Do you know any other tips and tricks for Alice in Mobile Legends? Tell us in the comment section.

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