Mobile Legends: How to Use Uranus on Solo Lanes



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Mobile Legends has two separate lanes: the EXP and GOLD lanes. The decision of which lane to take depends on the type of hero you are using. The gold lane is best for heroes whose strength relies on equipment, like marksmen, while the EXP lane is perfect for heroes whose power depends on skills, similar to fighters. One of the popular side heroes is Uranus. So let’s take a look at Uranus as a solo laner in Mobile Legends:

Mobile Legends: How to Use Uranus on Solo Lanes



This may be unpopular to many, but it is highly advantageous to Uranus to equip a Support emblem.



These are the items set for Uranus in the off-line. Remember that your goal in the solo lanes is to sustain the sides as long as possible. Therefore, demon shoes as boots aid you in accomplishing this task since Uranus’ skills take up a lot of mana. Next, the enchanted talisman provides mana regeneration high enough to sustain your post for a longer period of time.

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Then, the oracle increases Uranus’s health regeneration. This combination makes Uranus capable of enduring longer battles in his lane in Mobile Legends. Reaching this item means entering the early-late game, allowing you to choose any equipment depending on your goal and strategy.

Again, your goal is to maintain the push in your lane. Take advantage of the jungle farms near you.

The trick to having a strong lane is not letting your opponent destroy the turrets. Was it easy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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