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There are many types of resources to gather in Monster Hunter World, and some are challenging to obtain. However, these challenging resources are needed to get some of the strongest equipment in the game. Among the rare materials in Monster Hunter World are Commendations.

How to Get Commendation in Monster Hunter World

Unfortunately, gathering Commendations isn’t as easy as defeating monsters or gathering them in the environment. Keep on reading to find out which quests award this rare crafting resource.

What Are Commendations?

Commendations are a rare material used in making weapons, armor, and charms. However, they never drop from monsters or appear in specific locations. The only way to get this scarce material is to complete certain quests.

Quests That Have Commendations as Rewards

Six quests yield Commendations. Some of them are limited quests, while others are repeatable. Below, we’ll discuss the specifics of each one.

A Colossal Task

This quest is an Assigned Quest with six stars. You have to be Hunter Rank (HR) 10 and above, and the monster to defeat is Zorah Magdaros. When you beat it, you get one guaranteed Commendation, with a 1% chance of receiving another.

However, this quest can’t be repeated. You can only clear it once for the rewards.

Left Quite the Impression

Unlike “A Colossal Task,” this quest is an Optional Quest, and therefore repeatable. You need to be HR 11 and above, but instead of repelling Zorah Magdaros, you have to guide it. You get one Commendation, with a 1% chance of another.

“Left Quite the Impression” appears randomly, and you can only play it for two weeks when it returns. If it’s not available, you’ll have to bide your time with other high-rank quests or investigations until it comes back.

Kirin the Myth

As an Event Quest, “Kirin the Myth” is repeatable as long as the event is active. This one is a five-star quest, unlike the other two previously mentioned. You must slay two Kirin to get the Commendation.

Other than the Commendation, you can also take this opportunity to farm low-rank Kirin materials and boost Ecological Research.

The Poison Posse

The “Poison Posse” is another Event Quest, but it has a lower HR requirement than others on this list. In this quest, you must hunt Pukei-Pukei, Rathian, and Rathalos. The rewards include a Commendation.

Like the other Event Quests, you can replay it as long as the event is running.

Gone in a Flash

“Gone in a Flash” is a repeatable Optional Quest, and it’s a good one for lower-level players. Its requirement is HR 8, and you only have to hunt one Kirin. However, you have to complete the following quests first:

  • Snatch the Snatcher
  • Landing the Landside Wyvern
  • White Monster for a White Coat
  • Man’s Best Friend

Gaze Upon the Dawn

This Event Quest also requires you to guide Zorah Magdaros. Its requirements are the same as “Left Quite the Impression” and are the same in every respect; only, this one is repeatable.

Redefining the “Power Couple”

In this quest, you’re tasked to hunt a Rathalos and Rathian. There’s no explicit HR requirement, but you do have to complete these quests first:

  • A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest
  • Horned Tyrant Below the Sands

As an Optional Quest, you can replay it after unlocking it.

Exceptional Effort, Hunter

As Commendations are hard to come by, you’ll have to get them when the opportunity comes. The equipment that you can make with them tends to be great additions to your arsenal. The grind may be long, but the rewards are worth it.

How many Commendations do you have right now? Do you like playing through these quests? Let us know in the comments section below.

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