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Most armor sets in the Monster Hunter series affect your stats, providing boosts for increased combat effectiveness. However, a few don’t modify your numbers in any way, like the Layered Armor sets. Layered Armor only changes your appearance while keeping your precious builds intact.

How to Get Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World

If you’re not sure how to get Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World, you’re in the right place. The game doesn’t make it too difficult to get a set or two. We’ll list out all the ways you can procure a set or three.

About Layered Armor

Layered Armor is an optional cosmetic item that players can wear in Monster Hunter World. It doesn’t replace your actual set of armor at all, as it only changes your appearance. The combat armor set you wear isn’t affected in any way other than how it looks.

Sadly, you can’t wear Layered Armor over every set of practical armor. Only certain sets pair with Layered Armor.

Armor in Monster Hunter World is divided into five parts, and each part of the body can have elements from any armor set. This division lets you customize your build and allow for unique playstyles. Layered Armor behaves similarly, and you can mix and match pieces as you see fit.

Other than special sets, most Layered Armor sets allow for per-part equipping. Faces may also change when putting on parts of a set.

To equip Layered Armor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to an Item Box.
  2. Select “Change Appearance.”

  3. Go to “Layered Armor Settings.”
  4. Equip some Layered Armor.

The Item Box Menu is accessible in your room, Astera, or the Research Base.

Getting Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World

Most Layered Armor sets in Monster Hunter World are rewards gained from completing Deliveries. Deliveries involve collecting items and Research Points. Completing a Delivery will reward you with Tickets, and you can use them to craft Layered Armor.

Among the activities you may have to play in to complete Deliveries are:

  • Seasonal Festivals

Seasonal Festivals are time-limited events that reward you Tickets. You can gain various rewards from logging in daily and completing quests. Completing the Daily Bounty in a Seasonal Festival may also reward you with Tickets.

As Seasonal Festivals come and go, new sets will also be available for a short while. You’ll have to log in every day and play the required quests to gain Tickets. With some grinding and patience, the event Layered Armor will be yours to forge.

  • Killing Arch Tempered Monsters

If you think Tempered Monsters are your limit, Arch Tempered Monsters will scare you out of your skin. These mighty specimens drop special Tickets for Layered Armor sets, among other rewards. You must be at HR 50 before fighting these optional beasts.

Arch Tempered Monsters are time-limited event quests. When you see one and meet the requirements, you can try your hand at slaying them.

  • Pre-ordering the game or spending money on sets

Some Layered Armor sets are rewards for pre-ordering Monster Hunter World or as paid DLC content. Without spending real-world money, other players won’t be able to obtain them.

  • Playing Iceborne

The Iceborne expansion lets you get some Layered Armor sets by playing through the quests. These sets don’t require Tickets to forge.

  • Exclusive Layered Armor sets

Some sets, like the Aloy set, are only available on PlayStation. This set was a reward for playing in the Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn crossover event.

What Should I Wear Today?

Layered Armor sets and pieces let you customize your look and stand out from the rest. While some are limited to events and seasons, there are a few that are always available. New sets are always on the way, so keep an eye out for the latest looks.

What’s your favorite Layered Armor set? Are there sets you regret missing out on? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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