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Evolution in Monster Sanctuary is a great way to spice things up. Even though much of the monster’s stats and other similar aspects remain unchanged, it is still fun to have evolved monsters.

Monster Sanctuary: How to Evolve

Unfortunately, as I said, evolving your monster in Monster Sanctuary doesn’t provide any added benefit. Instead, the change is purely for appearance sake. In addition, there are not many monsters that can evolve, in fact, the list is quite small.

Those that can evolve though have a unique appearance, and you can tell that they’re quite a bit more detailed than the non-evolved monsters. It seems as though not many players know how to evolve their monsters though. Because of that, we will outline how you can do it!

How to Evolve – Monster Sanctuary

The monsters that can be evolved, need at least one catalyst to do so. Each of the evolvable monsters has a different catalyst, and in order to evolve it, you must obtain the catalyst first.

As there are many different catalysts and locations, we won’t cover them, but you can easily find them on the official wiki page for Monster Sanctuary.

What to do when you have the catalyst?

Once you have that specific catalyst for the monster that you want to evolve, you will have to travel to the Ancient Woods.

On the north in the Ancient Woods, you will find the almighty tree called the Evolution Tree. This is the place where the war between Keepers and the Kings of the Old World took place.

Another fun fact about the Ancient Woods is that it is the only place that was present in the Old World as well. However, most of the other places are all created by magic.

Nevertheless, the point is that this tree is the tree that will allow you to evolve your monsters. So, in order to do so, obtain the catalyst, go to the Evolution Tree, and then use the catalyst.

Wild Evolved Monsters

The news is grim for the monsters that you find evolved in the wild. Most players were under the impression that the monsters will drop their evolved eggs.

However, that is not the case, because the monsters will drop the pre-evolved egg instead!

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