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It is safe to say that Monster Sanctuary is a fairly difficult game. While you will be tested against some strong enemies, you will also be tested on other aspects of the game, such as team building.

Monster Sanctuary: The Best Team – Guide

Building your team in Monster Sanctuary might be a tad bit overwhelming for new players of the game. So, because of that, we wanted to find the best and most hybrid build in the game, that will be all you need for practically the whole game.

Thankfully, we found such a build, that would be all you need. Yes, all you need against all of the challenges that face you in Monster Sanctuary!

The Best Team – Monster Sanctuary Guide

Since team building is so complicated in this game, we will cover each of the monster separately, for clearness sake.

The best team in Monster Sanctuary consists of:

  • Support: Frosty (Light)
  • Main DPS & Debuffer: Mad Eye (Dark)
  • Tank: Yowie (Dark)

Frosty (Light)

The main objective for this monster is to support and debuff remove the team. Buff Mastery is his passive and Frosty can apply an additional stack of a buff to a monster.

Granted, the additional stack is half as strong, but this is quite the spell.


  • Restoring Wand +5 (190 Magic & +35 Defense) – For weapon, definitely go for a Restoring Wand. Actions like healing, shielding, or buffs will remove at least two debuffs.
  • Crown +5 (+55 Defense, +600 Health, +60 Mana) – This is more of an item for survival and some mana.
  • Hide +5 (+65 Defense & +700 Health) – Similar to the crown, for tankiness, but no mana bonus sadly.
  • Shell +5 (+100 Defense) – Additional and bonus shielding for monsters.


What you need to do for skills is ignore all of the DPS skills. Instead, opt to go for a full support skill build.

Courtesy of: Zaxthork – Reddit

Mad Eye (Dark)

Mad Eye will be your main DPS monster in the squad. Similar to Frosty, it will also debuff for your squad. Take the Debuff Mastery so that you can apply a bonus stack of a debuff.

Additionally, this is similar to Frosty, and the debuffs will be half as strong.


Wand +5 (250 Magic & +70 Defense) – One of the best magic weapons, but also more Defense for tankiness.

Ornate Pipe +5 (+25 Attack & +15% Critical Damage)

Cauldron +5 (+25 Magic & +50 Mana) – This has a unique aura, making your debuffs 10% stronger against enemies.

Drum +5 (+65 Defense) – All of your healing, meaning both active and passive, will be more effective by 15%.


Make sure to use Iron Beam for the bosses. However, when facing three enemies, you can use Cataclysm, as well as for leveling.

Courtesy of: Zaxthork – Reddit

Yowie (Dark)

Yowie will be the best tank and healer that works well with Frosty and Mad Eye. Take Overheal for the passive, so that when an ally is healed above the maximum health, the remaining health will become a shield.


  • Restoring Wand +5 (190 Magic & +35 Defense) – Same as Frosty, I chose this because you can debuff while healing.
  • Slime Skin +5 (+750 Health) – This accessory’s unique passive is that it has a 35 percent chance to apply Weakness to the enemy.
  • Hourglass +5 (+400 Health & +35 Mana)
  • Vital Ring +5 (+1000 Health)


Courtesy of: Zaxthork – Reddit

No damage skills. This build is just for shielding and healing.

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