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Hello friends! Welcome to another Monster Super League guide. This guide is going to be all about catching Astromon. Gonna go over which kinds you can get through catching, increasing your chances, and which Astromon to aim for if you’re just starting out.

Monster Super League Astromon Catching [Guide]
3Minor Boost to Crit2
4Moderate Boost to Crit5
One-Hit Wonder5Major Boost to Crit7
3Minor Boost to HP5
4Moderate Boost to HP7
HP Ultrabooster5Major Boost to HP12
Lupine Lunge3Minor Boost to Attack5
Mighty Lupine Lunge4Moderate Boost to Attack7
Ancient Lupine Lunge5Major Boost to Attack12
Dragon’s Blessing3Minor Boost to Defense5
Mighty Dragon’s Blessing4Moderate Boost to Defense7
Ancient Dragon’s Blessing5Major Boost to Defense12
Arcane Tracery3Minor Boost to S-Attack5
Mighty Arcane Tracery4Moderate Boost to S-Attack7
Ancient Arcane Tracery5Major Boost to S-Attack12
Protective Array3Minor Boost to S-Defense5
Mighty Protective Array4Moderate Boost to S-Defense7
Ancient Protective Array5Major Boost to S-Defense12
Speed Star Alpha3Minor Boost to Speed5
4Moderate Boost to Speed7
Speed Star Gamma5Major Boost to Speed12
3Minor Boost to Accuracy2
4Moderate Boost to Accuracy5
Ultra Radar Patch5Major Boost to Accuracy10
5Boost ?? to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost HP to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Attack to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Defense to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost S-Attack to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost S-Defense to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Speed to Party members of the same Type as Leader15
4Boost Accuracy to Party members of the same Type as Leader13
4Boost Crit to Party members of the same Type as Leader10
4Increase Null resistance0
4Increase Fire resistance0
4Increase Water ResistanceIncrease Thunder Resistance0
4 Increase Nature Resistance0
4Increase Light Resistance0
4Increase Darkness Resistance0
4Increase resistance to Poison0
4Increase resistance to Confusion0
4Increase resistance to Paralyze0
4Increase resistance to Sleep0
4Increase resistance to Stun0
4Increase resistance to Skill-Seal0
4Increase resistance to Instant Death0
4Attack up when HP at 100%25
4Defense up when HP at 100%25
4S-Attack up when HP at 100%25
4S-Defense up when HP at 100%25
4Speed up when HP at 100%25
4Accuracy up when HP at 100%15
4Crit up when HP at 100%25
4Attack up when HP at 20% or less30
4Defense up when HP at 20% or less30
4S-Attack up when HP at 20% or less30
4S-Defense up when HP at 20% or less30
4Speed up when HP at 20% or less30
4Accuracy up when HP at 20% or less20
4Crit up when HP at 20% or less30

Catching Basics

The first thing to know about Monster Super League is that not every Astromon in the game can be caught through catching. Some are gotten through Summon pulls or through secret eggs.

The ones you can get through catching however are nothing to scoff at. There are plenty of great Astromon through out the story mode that will make great additions to any team.


So when it comes to catching there’s very little skill that comes with it. The tutorial gives you the bare basics of how to catch Astromon but even from that it’s easier than it lets off.

Catching Astromon is completely based on percentages and luck. Every Astromon has a percentage number that tells you the chances of being able to catch them.


Once you tap the capture button the Astromon will be pulled inside of an Astrochip. If it busts out don’t worry! The percentage will increase making it easier to catch the next time.

In each battle you get three chances to catch Astromon. Once they’re gone you have to refill Astrochips which is extremely easy. All you gotta do is click the Autofill button just above the battle button before every mission.


So catching Astromon is super easy, right? You just tap to catch then hope luck is on your side. But once you’ve got an Astromon you’re gonna want to evolve it.

Catching and Evolving

So here are where things get a little tricky, pricey, and time consuming. It’s not as bad as it sounds but it is a little hectic at times.

Through out the story mode there are dozens of different Astromon to catch and you aren’t limited to catching just one kind of them. You can the same kind of Astromon as many times as you want and this is what you want to do.


Evolving your Astromon is a major point of Monster Super League. And evolving Astromon is really easy by catching them.

You need four of the same type of Astromon to evolve. One as the base and then three extras to use for Awakening before it can evolve.

So catching four of the same Astromon is super easy and takes no time at all. It does however take a hefty amount of gold.

The amount of gold needed to Awaken and evolve Astromon varies depending on the Astromons rank. Some will cost 20,000 gold to awaken and 50,000 gold to evolve. Some could be cheaper it all depends/

Another cost of gold is your Astromon slots. You start off with a set number of slots where you can hold Astromon and by paying gold you can increase the capacity.


Each time you increase the slot capacity the price of it increases. So getting up to 35 slots is going to cost you quite a chunk of gold but its worth the price for the space.

Now getting your Astromon to their third evolution is going to take a little time and a lot of gold but if you really want it then its worth it. Below is an example doing the math for evolving a two star Astromon.

To evolve a two star Astromon you’re going to need sixteen of the same kind of Astromon. Four each for three Evo.2.

2* X 16 = 3 Evo.2

Then from there the four Evo.2 add up to an Evo.3. The gold cost to do this adds up as well.

Awakening a two star costs 10,000 gold and 30,000 to evolve them to an Evo.2. So lets do the math to see how much you’d need to get four Evo.2 two stars.

10,00 gold for every three 2* you use an awakening will add up to 130,000 Gold. Plus 30,000 for each evolution adds up to another 130,000 gold.

130,000 + 130,000 = 260,000

So to get four two star Evo.2 you’ll need 260.000 gold. After that you’ll still need more gold to get to Evo.3. The process can seem pricey but the more you play you’ll start stacking up gold real easy so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Catching rates and rare Astromon

Now the last thing we’ll go over is the catch rate of Astromon and rare ones that can appear. As stated above every Astromon has a different catch rate depending on their rank.

Each time you try to catch one and fail the catch rate goes up making it easier. But you can also increase the catch rate before hand through the shop.


By going to the capture tab you can use gold to increase the catch rate of specific areas in the game. From Phantom Forest all the way to Star Sanctuary.

Doing this will make it easier to catch Astromon and cause the catch to increase more when you fail. Doing this isn’t required in anyway but it’s definitely helpful.

Now in the game there are higher ranked Astromon you can get through catching. These are the Rare, S.Rare, and Legendary Astromon.


The types have a very low chance to appear in any story mission in the game. Each area tells you what three you could potentially run into right above mission select.

The chances of running into each one is slim but very possible. As for catching these rare Astromon is a different story.

Possible yes but very difficult. Each of the rare Astromon have very low catch rates. S.Rares having somewhere around 25% where Legendaries can go as low as 5%.

And you only get three shots so unless you’re really lucky chances are you won’t catch one the first time you encounter it. But that’s no reason to get discouraged, keep at it and they’ll show up again. You’ll always get another chance.



So when it comes to catching Astromon it’s all about knowing which ones you want to have in your team and which ones you think are worth advancing.

My personal opinion for anyone just starting out is to aim for a Latt or a Cotteen. They’re both well balanced Astromon and are worth the time.

But if you’re really in for the long game and want to go for a rare you can never go wrong with Miho. It’ll take much longer to get enough of her to evolve her but if you manage it kudos to you. She’s one of the best Astromon in the game.

Good luck with catching folks. And remember, play a lot and save your gold. Eventually you’ll be rich enough to blow it all on evolving.

Til next time kiddies!

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