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One of the most fun and satisfying new features of Pokemon Sword and Shield is Camping, where you can bond with your Pokemon. While Camping, you can play with your Pokemon, they can play with each other, and you can talk to them and know what they are feeling, and, finally, you can cook them, Curry!

Pokemon Sword/Shield: How to Cook the Best Curry

Making Curries can help restore your Pokemon’s HP and PP, give them Exp. and items, increase your Pokemon’s friendship, and even inspire your Pokemon to draw in wild Pokemon for you to catch! Although making Curries is not required for you to beat the game, it is still a fun mini-game to play with your Pokemon.

There are 151 different Curries you can make in the game and, after making them, there are five different Tastiness Levels you can achieve:

  • Koffing Class

This is the lowest Tastines Level, and it restores only half of your Pokemon’s HP, gives off a very small number of Exp., and a small improvement to their Sociability.

  • Wobbuffet Class

This will also restore half of your Pokemon’s HP, a small amount of Exp., and an improvement in their Sociability.

  • Milcery Class

This is the bronze class, and it will restore all your Pokemon’s HP, heal all of your Pokemon’s status conditions, give a moderate number of Exp., and provide a moderate improvement to their Sociability.

  • Copperajah Class

This is the silver class, and it will restore all your Pokemon’s HP and their PP, heal all of your Pokemon’s status conditions, give a large number of Exp., and give a large improvement in their Sociability.

  • Charizard Class

This is the gold class and the best class you can have. This will also restore all of your Pokemon’s HP and PP, heal all of their status conditions, give them a huge amount of Exp., and improve their Sociability.

Here is how to cook the best curries that will give you the Copperajah Class or Charizard Class:

The Right Berries

You can make Curries with absolutely any Berry in your bag. However, to make the best Curry, it would be better to use rare Berries.

To know which of your Berries is rare, sort your Berry list ‘by type.’ Then, the Berries at the top of the list will be common and will be rarer as you scroll down. Use the Berries at the bottom of the list to use rare Berries. It will not matter what actual kind of Berry they are just as long as they are. Use at least seven Berries for a high-ranking curry.

Fan it!

The next step is the actual cooking of the Curry. This part aims to create the biggest flame that will not burn your curry as fast as possible. In this part, you will have to watch out for visual cues while fanning it as hard as you can. You will know when your flame is doing well when the pot will sparkle, and your Pokemon will start to come around and celebrate. On the other hand, you will know that your flame is at a dangerous level if the flame is really big or if there is dark smoke coming out of your curry. If this happens, try and decrease the size of the flame. Try to maintain the best size flame until the challenge ends.

Stir it!

For this next part, the goal is to give the Curry a constant steady stir without spilling the Curry. To know if you are doing well or not, you have to watch out again for some cues. If you see sparkles above the pot of Curry, that means you are doing a good job, but if you stir it very hard and your controller starts to vibrate (if you are using Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller), it means you are spilling the Curry.

Put Your Heart into It!

For this next and final part, you will have to put your heart into it by pressing A at the right time so that the heart will enter when the timer is at the inner lighter green circle. It is important to note that there is a bit of a travel time after pressing A, so it is best to practice this first, so you know when to press A (most likely while still in the outer green circle).

Final Thoughts

It will be easier to achieve a high Tastiness Level if you cook with other people. That is because you do not have to press A as fast as you can to create a big and nice flame or stir it so fast to the point of spilling. If you do not have or can not find another player to play with, you can also cook and make curry with NPCs Camping. You can usually find NPCs Camping by flying in routes in which you can use a flying taxi.

Cooking the best Curry may not get you closer to being the very best like no one ever was or catching ’em all, but it would not hurt to rest every once in a while and bond (and cook!) with your Pokemon. And with enough practice, you can make the best Curry for your Pokemon in no time!

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