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The MotoGP series of video games have been complex and difficult to no end, and that is to be expected. Riding a bike at such high speeds is quite different than driving a car. As new players enter the MotoGP worlds, more and more are in need of some pointers in order to make their lives much easier, because, let’s face it, MotoGP 21 is by no means forgiving.

MotoGP 21: Beginner’s Guide | Assists, Setups, Breaking & More

Still, the developers have implemented some great features to allow for new riders to ease into the game. Today, we will be covering everything from assists to online play.

Assists & Setups – MotoGP 21

This are vital when you’re starting out. There are more than enough assists, named “riding aids” which will help you with certain mechanics in the game.

They do tend to slow your pace down quite a bit, especially the auto-braking system, but they can provide an easier learning curve. Set them up as nothing too helpful, but balanced, and slowly ease into disabling all of them. After all, that’s the goal.

Motorcycle setups are as vital as knowing how to ride, but they’re complex if you’re new to motorcycle racing. The best tip: change and practice. Keep tinkering with setups, and look for how you bike performs and acts on track.

A different setup for different tracks will be needed, but let the game decide what’s best for you at the start. Also, setup the AI on the easiest difficulty for now.

Cornering, Breaking & Acceleration – MotoGP 21

Getting all of these three down will require a lot of hours of play. Use the racing lines to help you learn, well, the racing lines, as well as when to brake and accelerate.

When cornering, keep using the throttle, but not on full blast. Simply hold your momentum in order to have more cornering power. Keep tapping the acceleration button, and when you have decent control of your bike, and it sits up more upright, ease into full acceleration.

Learn the braking zones and brake control. I recommend using both front and rear brakes, and not relying on one. However, don’t use the front brake fully, as it is hard to recover from front brake mistakes.

Lower the braking aids gradually, but as fast as possible. Learning to brake is one of the most important things in MotoGP 21, and the aids will make that learning curve longer.

Online Play – MotoGP 21

Consistency is key. I would say if you’re grinding out online lobbies, aim for being the most consistent, instead of the fastest.

Depending on what level the lobby is, people will make a few mistakes, so it up to you to take those spots. That means as little mistakes as possible. Because at the end of the day, you will get to a higher position just because of other players’ misfortunates.

Final Words

Don’t get discouraged. MotoGP 21 is a very mechanically demanding game, and it takes hours and hours to improve your gameplay. Simply put in the hours, and don’t dwell so much on your mistakes.

MotoGP is even harder than F1, after all riding on two wheels and on four is quite different.

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