All Name Tag Tricks in Minecraft (2023)


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A list of all the current name tag tricks and their effects in Minecraft.

All Name Tag Tricks in Minecraft (2023)

Name tags in Minecraft are not useful to defeat the game, but they are an item that players dearly like, especially pet lovers.

Just taming your dog with a bone and giving it a name and then going on an amazing adventure to explore the world of Minecraft is something almost all players want.

Name tags are the items that can help you customize the name of any mob you love. It also names mobs worldwide and prevents them from despawning naturally.

You can rename the mobs whatever you want. Your in-game dog can be named after your real-life pet, and its name will be displayed on everyone’s screen.

This article is about the item that names mobs and all the tricks you can do with it. Currently, there are five name tag tricks in Minecraft that you can use. Here is the list of name tag tricks:

How to Find a Name Tag

Players first need a name tag to try any of the excellent easter eggs listed below. Since this item is rare and uncraftable, obtaining this is very hard.

One of the easiest ways to get a name tag is trading with a librarian villager. Master-level librarians can offer a name tag for twenty emeralds.

If players can’t deal with a villager, they will have to look for a loot chest, which is the best way to look for rare items. Players have the highest chance of finding the name tag in chest loots.

Most importantly, loot chests in dungeons, mineshafts, woodland mansions, and ancient cities have a name tag.

And another thing is that you can find name tags by fishing as well since players have a higher chance of getting a name tag by using the ‘Luck of the sea’ enchantment on their fishing rods.

Using this technique will increase your chance of getting treasure items which include name tags. When the players get a name tag, they can rename it using an anvil and use it on a mob.

The special names by which easter eggs can be accessed and obtained are worth noting. Name tags do not stack unless they have the same name.

List of All Name Tag Tricks in Minecraft for 2023

1. Upside-down mob models

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When a name tag is renamed “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” and then applied to a mob, it will appear upside down. This idea will allow you to turn all the mobs upside down by using the capital “D” in the first name of Dinnerbone. And Grumm uses “G” as the second name.

The mob will walk and behave normally. However, the legs will walk upside down and face the skies. This is quite a funny Minecraft name-tag easter egg that the players can get easily. The other thing about this easter egg is towards the technical director of Minecraft.

The technical director’s online avatar is commonly upside down, so it will copy the same effects when the mobs are named after him.

The behavior of all passive and hostile mobs will remain the same when these names are used. Only their models will be affected by the easter egg.

2. Rainbow sheep

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Sheep have a lot of colors, and pink is one of the rarest in the game. Players can dye the wool, but what if this one sheep can change into any colors it likes? This is precisely what this Minecraft name tag easter egg is.

Naming a sheep “jeb_” will make the wool of the sheep change color into a rainbow with many different colors. And the sheep will continuously go through all the colors which can be dyed in Minecraft. That said, the wool the color-changing sheep drops will be the same as the sheep’s original color.

This is a delightful and fun pet as it is interactive and does not exist naturally in Minecraft. Although pretty useless, it is still fun to look at and can be used decoratively instead.

3. Toast the rabbit

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This is a very emotional story about a Minecraft player known as a ‘Reddit user’ who had a pet rabbit called toast which disappeared in 2014 and was never found again.

Some players requested Mojang to place his rabbit in the game in remembrance, and the developers agreed to the players’ request. And the special rabbit skin can also be used on any rabbit by naming it “Toast.”

And it’s black and white color makes this rabbit unique and different than other default single-colored bunnies in the game. Rabbits in Minecraft do not have much use quite yet other than occupying desert biomes and dropping rabbit hides.

But with Toast’s memorial easter egg, players will experience the animal mobs in a new and awesome way. Ryan Holtz accepted a player’s suggestion, revealing that he planned to make multiple skins for the rabbits similar to cats and horses.

Now if the players name a rabbit “Toast,” it will change the bunny’s skin to resemble the real-life lost rabbit as a memorial.

4. Johnny

1 8

Another awesome easter egg is the johnny vindicator. A vindicator is a type of pillager found in woodland mansions and during village raids. Vindicators are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game that attacks the players.

But, due to an easter egg, naming a vindicator “johnny” will make it even angrier than ever. It will attack any mob, even the great Ender dragon and the wither. It will be hard to beat, but at least it will swing its axe in a rage. Vindicators are usually uncommon hostile mobs that players are better off not having to face. This is because this mob can deal more damage with every single attack.

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