Necromunda Hired Gun: How to Equip Weapons


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From all of the FPS games out there, Necromunda Hired Gun has one of the most bizarre equipping mechanics, which led to a lot of confusion, especially to newcomers in this game. Nevertheless, while it may be different to what most are used to, many players have grown accustomed to it, and many feel like it adds a lot to the actual game. So, for all those newcomers, we though it be best to do a guide on how to equip weapons in Necromunda Hired Gun.

Necromunda Hired Gun: How to Equip Weapons

How to Equip Weapons – Necromunda Hired Gun

On the surface, Necromunda feels like the typical fast-paced shooter, and many believe that this game doesn’t have a big progression curve in terms of equipment, based on first impressions. However, that can’t be further from the truth.

There are chests and other stuff which will drop gear and items in this game, but equipping them might be a tad bit confusing. So, how do you equip weapons in Necromunda Hired Gun?

Well, that can be done in two ways:

  • The first method of equipping weapons in Necromunda Hired Gun is while you’re on a mission. So, let’s say you open a chest, and a few weapons drop. You can either pick them up and they go in your inventory, or equip them by holding the pick-up key bind.
  • The second method involves choosing your loadout before the mission starts. So, before the mission starts, you get to pick with what equipment you get into the level with.

The picked-up gear from the level though, will be deleted after the end of the mission, if it isn’t marked for it to go to storage or equipping it.

In light of this fact, make sure that all of the gear that you want to save gets saved to storage or equipped, so it doesn’t get lost. Also, if you already picked up an item and didn’t equip it, there is no way to do so while on the level you’re playing at.

One of the main issues players are having with this system is the fact that the stats for individual armor or weapon pieces cannot be shown until the end of the mission.

So, players are having a hard time determining whether to pick-up, or equip certain items they find on the level.

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