Neil Druckmann Teases Multiplayer for The Last of Us Part II


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A lot of Naughty Dog fans are excited for the premiere of The Last of Us, but we also have an update on the gaming front.

Neil Druckmann Teases Multiplayer for The Last of Us Part II

Fans have been waiting for a multiplayer version of The Last of Us for a while, but ND has been mum about the update. Thanks to a new interview with Comic Book (via @DomTheBombYT) though, The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann shares an update on the incoming multiplayer eversion of TLOU.

Check this out:

There is the Last of Us multiplayer project that we’ve been working on for a long time, since even before The Last of Us Part II shipped. And that’s the most ambitious project we’ve ever done, expanding the world even further, continuing to tell a story, but in a multiplayer space.”

Though the game has been in development for a while, Naughty Dog had decided to wait before officially announcing anything, as their early announcement for games did put them into a very complicated box. By withholding announcements, ND can focus on polishing games, without worrying about meeting release dates.

It has been a while since the release of The Last of Us Part II, and I’m curious how this multiplayer version of the game will have its own story. I’m guessing we could still have factions with the Seraphites and WLF, and maybe we’ll get to play more active roles in the fights between them (like the battle that Abby has to fight through near the end of her segment).

Hopefully we get an announce later this month. In the meantime, catch The Last of Us games now available on PlayStation.

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