Storage Requirement for Forspoken Revealed


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With Forspoken being a new-gen exclusive, a lot of fans were expecting a huge game, and now the storage requirement has been revealed for Square Enix’s upcoming title—and you’ll have to clear out a huge chunk of your hard drive.

Storage Requirement for Forspoken Revealed

As it turns out, Forspoken will be demanding 87. 275 GB of storage. Here’s the post from @PlaystationSize:

For now, no details have been revealed for the storage requirements for PC, but I can imagine that it’s close to the same number as the PlayStation requirement.

With Square Enix failing to get their Marvel IP off the ground, they’ll have to find something else to sustain the studio besides Final Fantasy titles—and that’s where Forspoken comes in. Frey may not be battling giant mechs or traversing a lush post-apocalypse, but she’s decked out with all these magical powers with all the light effects that are signature to the Square Enix brand.

With the PC and PlayStation 5 exclusive status of the game, we can bet that the graphics are going to be pretty demanding; but I am hoping that we get a PlayStation 4 version down the line, because PS5s are still pretty damn hard to get a hold of.

Here’s the official description for Forspoken:

Join Frey Holland as she is mysteriously transported from New York City to the beautiful yet cruel landscapes of Athia. In her journey to find a way home she must look within to overcome the battles against twisted Breakbeasts and the treacherous Tantas.

Forspoken launches for PlayStation 5 and PC on Jan. 24.

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