New Gameplay Showcase for Forspoken Spotlights the Main Villains


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The Game Awards may have taken place last weekend, but the reveals just keep on coming. After the release of Crisis Core, Square Enix is now looking at the launch of a new IP with Forspoken, and we have  a new gameplay showcase giving us a look at the main villains called the Tanta—sorceress who once protected Athia, but are now seeking to rule it.

New Gameplay Showcase for Forspoken Spotlights the Main Villains

Check this out:

Here’s the official description for the clip:

Forspoken’s Ella Balinska reveals new gameplay content showcasing Frey’s high-intensity battle with Tanta Sila, an encounter with a very powerful Breakbeast, and an ominous introduction to a never-before-seen character, Tanta Olas. Download the Forspoken demo today and join Frey on her journey in the mystical land of Athia.

Admittedly, the clip does feel kind of spoiler-y, what with one Frey being brought to New York, then revealing that it was just an illusion by one of the Tanta. We don’t really know why Frey ends up in Athia in the game, but I’m sure what’s more important is the story we’ll get out of it—just like any standard Isekai anime.

Though the game has been very extensive with the traversal for the past months, this is the first time we get to see Frey going up against some actual bosses, and it’s everything you can expect from a Square Enix game, from the bright lights to the endless effects.

Hopefully Square has a new game heroine they can tout soon.

Forspoken launches for PS5 and PC on Jan. 24, 2023.

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