New Set Photos from HBO’s The Last of Us Give Look at Joel, Ellie, and More Characters



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Production is currently ongoing for HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, and besides Joel and Ellie, we should expect to meet other characters from the game. Just in, we have some new set photos that give us a look at the main duo and the two other characters they meet on the road, Sam and Henry.

New Set Photos from HBO's The Last of Us Give Look at Joel, Ellie, and More Characters

Check these out:

In the game, Joel and Ellie run into Sam and Henry near the midpoint of the game, and while there is still contention between the two at this point, Sam and Henry are two siblings, with Henry being responsible for the survival of the two.

I do not want to spoil anything that happens in the game, but it is worth noting that the two kinds hold up a mirror to Joel and Ellie and show them what their dynamic could have been like should things have played out differently.

We do not know how the series will play out, seeing that the HBO show is said to take some liberties with the story. I hope they manage to keep to the core of The Last of Us, which is the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Maybe they can even start planting seeds for Abby’s story if they will bring her in for the second season.

No release date has been set for HBO’s The Last of Us, but you can catch the original games now available for PlayStation.  

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