Mystic Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear


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Find all that you need to know about the Mystic class as far as weapons, traits, abilities, perks, and gear is concerned, here.

Mystic Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear

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Mystic Weapon

Weapon: Flail

The Mystic’s flail has the ability to stun and stop enemies. It makes way for your squad. Here are its following strengths:

  • Create space for your team;
  • Release it for an immensely powerful blow;
  • Stun enemies;
  • AOE damage and crowd control.

Damage is a little bit on the low side, but this class is more of a supporting class rather than a high-DPS class.

Mystic Trait

Trait: Respire

Respire is a stamina trait. It makes stamina regeneration much quicker, especially after you used up all of it. This is due to the unique breathing techniques used by the Mystic class.

Mystic Ability

Ability: Instinct

Increase your senses and power using the environment. With the Instinct ability a Mystic can heal teammates which are in close range, and also highlight the enemies which are hidden!

Mystic Perks

The Mystic class has some unorthodox perks. Both for team-play, and individual advantages:

  • Leach life from enemies;
  • Heal yourself and others;
  • Get an increase in attack damage.

The fact that you can increase your damage with some perks is very optimal, since this class suffers from lack of damage.

Mystic Gear

Gear: Poison

Poison your enemies using a special elixir that is brewed by the Mystic. It lasts for a while, and enemies that are affected by it will have their stamina drained, and their vision will be minimal.

Mystic Brief Summary

The Mystic was once a loyal companion to the State. After being manipulated, exploited, and having his mentor tortured by the State, he choose to be on the front in the battle against the State.

He has quite a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and that is the best way to describe this class: Full of tricks. But this class is focused for both team-play and solo play. The playstyle can be tailored to the player.

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Ranger Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear


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