Nintendo Switch OLED: How Much Will It Cost


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Finally. The all-new Nintendo Switch OLED is set to debut in October of this year. Fans all over the world have anxiously been waiting on the newest console from Nintendo, including myself. But how much will it cost? Information is still scarce about the Nintendo Switch OLED, but at least, we got some official information to go on this time, and not leaked one. Let’s see how much it will set you back once it releases!

Nintendo Switch OLED: How Much Will It Cost

How Much Will Nintendo Switch OLED Cost?

There were some radical and non-radical changes made to the new Nintendo Switch OLED, so we did expect a higher price tag, all things considered.

The most influential change is the OLED display, which compared to an LCD panel, you get a much richer picture, with deeper blacks, and more flamboyant whites. Nevertheless, let’s stick to the topic at hand, which is the new Nintendo’s price.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model, which is set to release in October of 2021, will cost $349.99 in the US, £309.99 in the UK, and AU$539 in Australia.

To be honest, I thank the Nintendo gods for setting the price only $50 higher than the ordinary Nintendo Switch which was released back in March of 2017.

The reason that I’m grateful and I’m guessing most Nintendo fans out there, is because we did expect a lot more. Now, the changes are great and all that, but it is safe to assume that not many expected it to be a Nintendo Switch rework.

Sure, the functionality, the uniqueness, certain aspects which make the Nintendo, were expected to transfer over, but not in this way. The new features and changes weren’t going to be enough to justify a big increase in price honestly.

OLED is a great upgrade from the traditional LCD display, but as of this moment, that is the most influential change about it, and nothing else. Thankfully, the new Nintendo Switch OLED will only cost a fraction higher than your typical Nintendo Switch.

We must wait and see on whether there will be some more and interesting changes. But at the moment, it seems like these are all the facts and will remain until the launch.

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