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Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a demanding, well, story. The game’s progressive curve is something you might expect from a Monster Hunter title, and you do have to go through a lot of farming and upgrading to have a strong armor build to show for it. But is seems as though that is not the case. Today, we will cover some of the best armor builds in Monster Hunter Stories 2, and some things, might be very surprising.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Best Armor Build

Best Armor Build – Monster Hunter Stories 2

Actually, this game is very forgiving in terms of if you choose one type of armor set to go with. Meaning, essentially, you can go with any armor set that you fancy.

That is not to say that you cannot optimize and have a better time with some armor sets, but, once you have gone through a lot of levels and progressed further into the game, most armor sets are close in stats.

However, if you’re looking for the best of the best armor builds in Monster Hunter Stories 2, then there are some choices you can consider:

  • Kululu Armor. This is one of the easiest armors to get, and interestingly enough, you can complete most of the game only with it. It is strong, mostly due to the fact of having a Dancer skill, which increases speed when full HP, and boosts attack and defense.
  • Bone Armor. The Bone armor does have the Non-Elemental Attack Boost, and while we don’t have the exact figures of how much it actually boosts attacks, it does feel like it does for the majority of the time.
  • Arzuros Armor. If you’re considering a tankier build, then the Arzuros armor is a great choice. It has a Health Boost as well, which is a definite plus.
  • Great Jaggi Armor. Great for those that are looking to play a hybrid build with a chance for a high-damage output, as it has the Critical skill. This skill increases critical rate a lot.

These four armor builds are great because they can be acquired close to the start of the game, and they scale up pretty well once you’re deep into Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Again, in this game, armor choices don’t have a huge impact on the gameplay, so you can use essentially whatever you like. However, it is true that some armors do provide a competitive advantage.

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