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Escape From Tarkov’s recent patch, patch 12.11, has been quite full in terms of content. There were changes to old tasks from multiple NPCs, and a lot more new tasks have been added. One of them is Safe Corridor, which is a task from Skier. It is relatively easy to do, particularly if you follow the Skier task guide – Safe Corridor below.

Escape From Tarkov: Skier Task Guide 12.11 | Safe Corridor

Skier Task Guide – Safe Corridor Escape From Tarkov 12.11

The only objective is to kill 10 scavs. There is a catch though. While killing 10 scavs might not seem like a difficult task, you do have to do it in an underground area at the reserve map.

The difficult bit is the fact that scavs here are relatively scarce. So, multiple raids need to be done in order to complete the task fully. So, for Safe Corridor, where is the underground location where you need to kill 10 scavs?

The location can be found south of the Train yard, in one of the big warehouses with Slovenian lettering on the front of the doors.

escape from tarkov skier task guide safe corridor

You will find multiple doors open here, so go inside the underground area through it. Now, in individual times you can usually find 1-3 scavs here.

What you need to do is return to this area every ten minutes, as the scavs respawn somewhere inside the ten-minute mark. Plus, scavs from other locations might start to make their way to the bunker below the warehouse.

Sometimes every ten minutes you might return to a couple of more scavs, but most of the time, you will return to only 1-2 scavs. So, can it be done in one raid?

It is possible, but very unlikely. Keep in mind, that you will also need to extract and finish the raid so that your progress gets recorded. I recommend doing multiple raids instead of popping in the area every ten minutes, but if you do get the chance, why not kill a couple of more scavs.

All in all, a straightforward task.

Once you hand in the quest, you will receive 9,000 XP, 35,000 Roubles, 2 packs of 120 rounds of 545BP ammunition, and 2 expeditionary fuel tanks.

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