Noita : How to Heal


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Noita has an enormous retro world that you can explore. Along the way, you will find very potent enemies that want to hunt you down. Healing is a bit unusual in this game, which is why it’s important to know how to heal.

Noita : How to Heal

Like I said, healing is a tad bit bizarre. There are no clear guides on how to do this, and there are no items which replenish health for that matter.

Which is why we will tell you how to heal in Noita.

How to Replenish Health – Noita

Most players will tell you to use flasks. But what kind of flasks? There aren’t any potions which will get your health up. Potions usually give boosts or special perks.

There are shrines which can increase your HP but they are usually far apart from each other. These can get your HP to the full, but what can you do until then.

Well, there are a couple of things to do. Let’s get to it, this is how to heal in Noita:

  • Use +25 HP Bonuses

Along the levels you will find hidden bonuses which will give you +25 Health. They increase your max HP yes, but you will have far more health when you reach the next shrine.

  • Healing Spells

Use Vampirism and a chainsaw to get the most efficient healing you can. Other healing spells can be a bit underpowered.

  • Using Potions

Potions don’t directly heal you, but they can give you perks with which it will be harder for your health to go down. Flasks make you more efficient in the levels which in turn saves your HP.

Apart from all these things you can do, there are no other ways to heal. Only shrines and healing spells directly heal you, while the other ways can help you a bit.

Nevertheless, I found that using these methods, increased my survival chances by a substantial amount. Good luck!

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