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Here is a guide on how you can obtain emeralds in Minecraft.

How To Obtain Emeralds in Minecraft

Emeralds are considered to be the main currency in the game. And ever since it was introduced a few years ago, obtaining them has been a constant challenge for players, especially in survival mode. Emerald ore is the rarest ore in Minecraft, even rarer than diamond ore—and diamonds are already pretty hard to come by. As it is a highly valuable item in the game, you may exchange emeralds for other valuable items that you will need to upgrade your equipment. Although there are not many ways to gain emeralds, we will go over all the possible ways to obtain them and quickly prosper in Minecraft.

How Can You Obtain Emeralds in Minecraft?

Trade Items With Villagers For Emeralds

Emeralds are considered the currency when it comes to villager trading. Its main purpose is for players to use them as barter to acquire stronger and rare items that villagers offer. But they can also be used differently. Villagers may buy off items related to their profession from you in exchange for emeralds. For example, farmers may want to buy any available bundle of wheat from you and will provide you with a certain number of emeralds in return. This is the best and most effective way to gather emeralds quickly.

Obtain Emeralds As Loot Inside Chests

Like diamonds, emeralds may be obtained as treasure loot from chests located in certain places and structures in Minecraft. Although this can only be obtained purely by chance, it is still another way to obtain emeralds, albeit only slowly. Only a few places in Minecraft generate the chest containing emeralds. Here is a list of possible places where emeralds may be obtained as loot and their corresponding percentage.

Buried Treasure Chest59.9%
Desert Temple Chest18%
End City Chest9%
Igloo Basement Chest7.6%
Jungle Temple Chest8.7%
Shipwreck Treasure Chest73.7%
Underwater Big Ruins Chest14.9%
Underwater Small Ruins Chest16.4%
Village Shepherd’s Chest12.3%
Village Tanner’s Chest17.3%
Village Armorer’s Chest31.4%
Village Fisherman’s Chest24.2%
Village Regular Desert House Chest14.3%
Village Fletcher’s Chest12.3%
Village Regular Taiga House Chest18.6%
Village Regular Savanna House Chest21.5%
Village Mason’s Chest20.8%
Village Regular Plains House Chest22.8%
Village Temple Chest25.4%
Village Butcher’s Chest10.2%
Village Regular Snowy House Chest9.9%

Mining Emerald Ore For Emeralds

Mining emerald ore is a good way to gather and farm for emeralds. Mining emerald ores can only obtain emeralds with an iron pickaxe or higher. You may also use a pickaxe equipped with the Silk Touch enchantment to drop the ore itself. Unfortunately, emerald ores are only generated in mountains and windswept hills biome—making this even more difficult. Emerald ore generates in blobs usually located in Y levels -16 to 320. This means that between layers -16 and 320, you can randomly find emerald ore if you’re lucky. You can also mine around layer 256 as emerald ore is commonly generated within this layer. To check your coordinates, press F3 on your keyboard for PC users and FN + F3 for Mac users. You will see a menu containing all the information you need, including X, Y, and Z coordinates.

Emeralds Dropped As Loot From Vindicators And Evokers

Only two mobs drop emeralds when killed, and these are vindicators and evokers. The most effective way to farm for emeralds with this method is to enchant your weapon with the Looting enchantment. Each level of Looting increases the drop rates of emeralds by 1. Having a weapon enchanted with Looting III will possibly drop up to 4 emeralds in a single mob kill. You can encounter vindicators and evokers in raids and inside the woodland mansion.

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