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Stardew Valley has tons of fish that you can put in ponds, but choosing which of them are the best to keep can be a bit difficult. In this guide, we will go over the most profitable fish you can place in Fish Ponds, along with the qualities they have that make them the best of the best.

Stardew Valley: The Best Fish to Raise in Fish Ponds

A farm without a Fish Pond is simply an incomplete one. When you’re aware of all the benefits you can get from breeding fish, it would be hard not to sink your money into multiple ponds. Investing in them early in the game will surely generate you loads of income in your first year, but there are other reasons why you should start raising fish in ponds as early as possible.

Farm Design: You can make use of a fish pond’s aesthetics in a lot of creative ways. Some fish change the color of their ponds based on their appearances. Slimejacks turn their pond to color Green, Super Cucumbers make their pond Light Purple, Void Salmons change the color of their pond Dark Purple, and Lava Eels have Red water. You may also change a pond’s design by clicking on a pond and toggling the Change Appearance button. Lastly, you can also place Wood, Stone, Dark Signs, Signs of the Vessel on Fish Ponds for you to identify them easily.

Cooking: Fish are used as an ingredient in many dishes, and cooked dishes are great for gifting to raise a villager’s friendship level. Alex particularly loves Salmon Dinner, while Abigail prefers to get Spicy Eel as a gift. You’ll need plenty of Salmon and Eel if you want to cook these dishes constantly, but these fish can only spawn in specific seasons. But with a Fish Pond, you can easily breed these fish and take them out of their ponds whenever you need them.

Items: Fish Ponds generally produce Roe. You may sell them to earn hundreds of Gold. But these are not the only items you may get from Fish Ponds. Some fish give you resources like Stone or Hardwood. The best ones have a chance to produce rare items like Prismatic Shards or Iridium Ore, but more on that later.

How to Build a Fish Pond

  1. Prepare 200 stones, 5 seaweed, 5 Green algae
  2. Save up 5,000 Gold
  3. Go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop and ask her to build you a Fish Pond

You will have to wait two days before a fish pond is completely built. Unfortunately, your very own fish pond does not come with a fish. You need to have fish stored in your chest or refrigerator to get started on breeding them.

You can raise any kind of fish, except for Legendary Fish. Even if you try putting a Legendary Fish in a pond, the game will state that they will not be happy living in there.

How to Raise Fish in Fish Ponds

Fish in ponds do not require you to feed them fish food every day. The key to breeding fish is to make them happy. But how do you make a fish happy in this game? You will have to keep giving them some specific items that they request.

They will begin reproducing once you fulfill any of their requests. You can continue giving them quest items if you want to add more space for fish in your pond. It is also worth noting that Common fish have an initial capacity of 3, while Rare fish has only 1.

Keeping them happy will guarantee them to multiply in no time. As a result, these fish will constantly produce roe or rare items. If you’re lucky, they might even surprise you with some extremely valuable ones.

What Are The Best Fish Raise in Fish Ponds

Let’s say that you already have a bunch of fish ponds and some fish stored away on your farm. But you’re still having trouble determining which fish are the best to put in ponds. To help you decide better, we have detailed below everything you need to know about the finest fish you can catch throughout Stardew Valley.

Ice Pip

Ice Pip can only survive in the cold climate, but you can fish them at any season or any time of day on the 60th Floor of the Mines

The Ice Pip fish mainly produce Roe. An Ice Pip Roe costs 280 Gold. And if you put one in a Preserves Jar, you’ll get an Aged Roe that can sell up to 784 Gold, provided you chose the Artisan Profession route.

They may also give you a couple of Iron Ore and Frozen Geodes. For players who would like to become friends with Sebastian, keeping Ice Pips is a good choice since they produce Frozen Tear, which Sebastian loves. Diamonds are essential in crafting items, but they are also well-loved by the villagers. You’ll be glad to know that Ice Pips can also sometimes give you those.

The Ice Pip Fish will request items depending on their population level. Each time you grant their request, the pond’s capacity will increase two to three times. Below are the items Ice Pips will ask you as they reach a certain population level: 

1 Ice Pip: 10 Iron Ore

3 Ice Pips: 5 Frozen Tears

5 Ice Pips: 10 Coal, 1 Crystal Fruit, or 5 Frozen Geodes

7 Ice Pips: 4 Iron Bars or 10 Refined Quartz


Stingray is a new fish that was added in the 1.5 update. They can only spawn in the Pirate Cove on Ginger Island. These cartilaginous fish can be caught at any season, weather, or time of day.

Stingrays may not be the best at producing costly Roe, but they can provide you with some Battery Packs or Magma Caps. Battery packs are used to craft important items like Iridium Sprinklers and Magma Caps which can be traded for Pineapple Seeds at the Island Trader.

There’s also a chance they will give you some Cinder Shards. Collecting plenty of Cinder Shards will let you upgrade or enchant tools and weapons in the Forge as many times as you want. Dragon Tooth is a very rare item that you can obtain from killing Lava Lurks. Ten Dragon Teeth are needed if you want to build an Island Obelisk on your farm.

There are only a few quests you’ll need to fulfill for Stingrays, and here is a list of the items that they thrive for:

3 Stingrays: 7 Cindershards

5 Stingrays: 1 Dragon Tooth

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout can only be caught in Summer. The Mountain Lake and Pelican Town Rivers are where you’ll most likely find a Rainbow Trout. Make sure to go fishing for them between 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM, that is, if there’s sunny weather. 

Rainbow Trouts will not give you much when it comes to their Roe. However, they are the only fish that can produce Prismatic Shards. These gems are hard to obtain, but you can get them from a Rainbow Trout Pond on some days.

Below are quest items you’ll need to make your Rainbow Trouts happy: 

3 Rainbow Trouts: 3 Coral, 1 Honey, 1 Oyster, or 3 Refined Quartz

5 Rainbow Trouts: 1 Dried Starfish, 2 Emeralds, 2-3 Omni Geodes, or 2-3 Purple Mushrooms.

7 Rainbow Trouts: 1 Diamond, 3 Gold Bars, 1 Iridium Ore, 1 Jelly, or 1 jar of Pickles.

Spook Fish

Deep-Sea Fishing in the Submarine is the only way to catch a Spook Fish. The Fishing Submarine can be found at the Night Market. It’s during a festival being held in Pelican Town every Winter between 15 and 17. It only comes once a year, so it’s a good idea to take your chances on catching a Spook Fish while there’s a Night Market in town.

Spook Fish produces Roe the most, and they can also provide you with a Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chest is a rare item, and each one costs 5,000 Gold.

The more Spook Fish you have, the greater chances for you to get Treasure Chests from them. Here are the items Spook Fish would commonly request from you:

3 Spook Fish:  3 Amethysts, 3 Coral, 3 Iron Bars, 1 Oyster, 3 Red Mushroom, or 3 Refined Quartz

5 Spook Fish: 1 Dried Starfish, 2 Emeralds, 1 Granite, 2-3 Omni Geodes, or 2-3 Purple Mushrooms

7 Spook Fish: 1 Diamond, 3 Gold Bars, 1 Iridium Ore, 1 Mayonnaise, or 1 jar of Pickles


Another exotic deep-sea creature you can fish in the Submarine is the Blobfish. They have a lower chance rate to be caught in comparison to Spook Fish, but they sell well, even on their own.

Blobfish will earn you up to 1,500 Gold, so their Roe is also pretty valuable. Choosing the Artisan Profession will give you an Aged Blobfish Roe that costs 784 Gold each. Aside from Roe, they can also produce Pearl, which is a gift item everyone in Pelican Town loves. They can also give you some Warp Totem: Farm.

Here are the items you can get for Blobfish to expand their pond’s capacity:

1 Blobfish: 3 Coral, 2 Frozen Tears, or 2 Sea Urchins 

3 Blobfish: 5 Coffee Beans, 1 Mayonaise, or 1 Pizza

5 Blobfish: 1 Cookie, 1 Green Tea, or 1 Wine

7 Blobfish: 1 Rainbow Shell or 1 Rice Pudding


You can catch Sturgeons in Mountain Lake during Summer and Winter. They mostly appear there on Rainy Summer days, between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Sturgeons are regarded as endangered fish in the game, so they are likely harder to catch.

Sturgeons will give you Roe, and it is the only Roe you can turn into Caviar. You can turn it into Caviar by putting it inside a Preserves Jar. If you choose the Artisan Profession, you’ll earn 700 Gold per Caviar. The Preserved Fish Egg is also one of the items you may use to complete The Missing Bundle in the Abandoned Jojamart Warehouse.

You’re not going to have a hard time fetching quest items for Sturgeons as they are a little low maintenance. These are the items you’ll need to increase the space in your Sturgeon Fish Pond:

1 Sturgeon: 1 Diamond

3 Sturgeons: 1 Jelly, 2 Maple Syrup, or 1 jar of Pickles

5 Sturgeons: 3 Omni Geodes

7 Sturgeons: 1 Nautilus Shell

Lava Eel

Lava Eels spawn in the Mines and the Volcano Dungeon at any period of the year. The Forge inside the Volcano Dungeon is where you can find Lava Eels. They can be caught on the 100th Floor of the Mines, where the majority of its water is lava.

Lava Eel’s price can go as high as 2,100 Gold. Therefore, their Roe is also of high value. Aged Lava Eel Roe is the most profitable Roe you’ll get in the game so far. The highest amount you can get from selling Aged Roe is 1,064 Gold. Lava Eels also produce many items like Gold Ore, Spicy Eel, and Magma Geodes.

To get the most out of your Lava Eels, make sure to fulfill all their requests. Here are the items Lava Eels would like to get from you:

1 Lava Eel: 3 Fire Quartz

3 Lava Eels: 1 Basalt, 2 Diamonds, or 1 Dwarf Scroll III

5 Lava Eels: 2 Mega Bombs

7 Lava Eels: 1 Iridium Bar

Honorable Mentions

These fish might not have been included in the list above, but they can still be worthy of being included in the Honorable Mentions. Should you plan on adding more fish ponds to your farm, here are a variety of fish you may consider raising.

Sea Cucumber: Sea Cucumber is one of the ingredients used to cook Lucky Lunch. If you’re able to reproduce a couple of Sea Cucumbers, you’ll have a steady supply of Lucky Lunch that you may consume to boost your daily luck.

Super Cucumber: You’ll get a 5% chance to get Iridium Ore from Super Cucumbers. If you need some Iridium Ore, but you don’t feel like diving deep in the Skull Cavern, or if you’re not a fan of mining in general, you can breed some Super Cucumber.

Blue Discus: The best thing about raising Blue Discus is that you can sometimes obtain Golden Coconut from them. Breaking open Golden Coconuts will give you Golden Walnuts. Golden Coconuts will also give you other rare items found only on Ginger Island.

Midnight Squid: You can get Squid Ink from a Midnight Squid Fish Pond. Squid Ink is an item Elliot loves, and it is also an ingredient required to make Seafoam Pudding. Seafoam Pudding can be useful when you go fishing because it can give a fishing buff when consumed.

Void Salmon: Void Salmon produces Void Essence, which is an item you’ll need to craft Mega Bomb and Iridium Band.

Octopus: In need of more Omni Geodes? Head to your Octopus Fish Pond and see if they have produced some for you. You might want to invest in making Octopus happy, too, since they can give you 10 Omni Geodes on lucky days.

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