How to Obtain the Statue of Perfection in Stardew Valley



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The Statue of Perfection is an item you can get in your third year as a farmer in Stardew Valley. The only way to obtain it is to accomplish specific goals, which are calculated through a hidden scoring system and evaluated by the player’s Grandpa at the end of your second year.

How to Obtain the Statue of Perfection in Stardew Valley

The unique statue is made of Iridium, and it has the appearance of a purple cat. Not only is it a piece of furniture, but it also produces up to 8 Iridium Ore a day. What are the easiest ways to get the Statue of Perfection? How does the scoring system work in the game? Read on to find out!

Ways to Score Points

Grandpa’s Evaluation occurs on the first day of Year 3. His ghost will appear and talk to you about the progress you have made for two years. If you can achieve enough milestones and ace the evaluation, you will acquire the Statue of Perfection in your third year.

You will attain points every time you make a breakthrough in Stardew Valley, whether making a fortune or completing a collection. These points can mount up to 21 points, and the number of points differs in each achievement. Luckily, you will only need 12 points to pass Grandpa’s Evaluation. Here are the ways to score milestone points, ranging from the easiest to the hardest.

Earning Money

Gaining a profit is a constant task you need to carry out to progress in the game. You will get points by reaching a certain number in your total earnings:

  • 50,000 Gold: 1 point
  • 100,000 Gold: 1 point
  • 200,000 Gold: 1 point
  • 300,000 Gold: 1 point
  • 400,000 Gold: 1 point
  • 500,000 Gold: 1 point
  • 1,000,000: Gold: 2 points

You can get a total of 7 points after earning your first 1,000,000 Gold.

Leveling up your Skills

Another easy way to gain points is to raise your skill level since almost every action you perform is tied to your character’s attributes. Having a total of 30 skill levels will earn you 1 point. Another point will be added to your score after gaining a total of 50 skill levels or maxing out all of your skills.

Making Friends

Befriending villagers will not only give you more dialogues, cutscenes, free items, and recipes, but you can gain points from it. You will score points from meeting these friendship milestones: 

  • Have a friendship of eight hearts with five villagers: 1 point
  • Have a friendship of eight hearts with ten villagers: 1 point
  • Have a friendship of five hearts with your pet: 1 point
  • Have a spouse and at least two house upgrades: 1 point

Completing the Community Center

Completing all the bundles in the Community Center will gain you 1 point. You also earn a point for attending the Community Center re-opening ceremony.

Getting the Rusty Key

The Rusty Key is a special item you receive from Gunther after giving him 60 artifacts to display in the Museum. You will gain 1 point from obtaining the rusty key.

Getting the Skull Key

The Skull Key is found in a Treasure Chest on the 120th floor of the Mines. You will get 1 point from acquiring the Skull Key.

Completing the Museum Collection

Donating 95 items to Gunther’s Museum will gain you 1 point and the achievement “A Complete Collection.”

Catching every Fish

Catching every type of Fish will give you 1 point and the “Master Angler” achievement.

Shipping every Item

Getting the “Full Shipment” achievement indicates you have shipped every item that exists in the game. You will also receive 1 point upon earning this milestone.

The Road to Perfection

On the first morning of your third year, Grandpa’s ghost will visit you in your room. His dialogue will depend on how many points you have gathered before the evaluation. Stacking 12 points or more will unlock a dialogue of how much he’s proud of you for how well you have managed his old farm. A cutscene of Grandpa’s shrine with all its four candles lit will show. After watching that scene, you can walk up to the shrine and click on it to get the statue.

If you have not finished lighting all four candles in your first evaluation, you can summon Grandpa’s ghost again using a Diamond. You can always check how many lit candles are there at Grandpa’s shrine. Having one lit candle means you’ve earned 0 to 3 points, having two of them means you’ve gotten 4 to 7 points, having three lit candles means you’ve accumulated 8 to 11 points. Placing a Diamond on the shrine will summon Grandpa’s ghost, and he will appear again to give you his judgment the next day.

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