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If you’re a puzzle maniac, then you might have come across Omno. It is a slow-paced adventure game filled with different puzzles. It is solo developed by Jonas Manke, what they’ve achieved is nothing short of miraculous. In any case, while your playthrough through the game, you might come across the Lake Ober puzzle, where you’ll have to press different pads. If you’re stuck, read on to learn about the Lake Ober puzzle solution!

Omno: Lake Ober Puzzle Solution

Lake Ober Puzzle Solution – Omno

Omno’s world is very beautiful, but don’t let that fool you, this game is pretty serious. Especially, if you come across puzzles, such as the one in question. But there is a simple way to complete the puzzle.

Basically, you’ll have to press the pads, which the main wall or pillar shows in the middle. If it is suggesting top-middle, you’ll have to press top middle. However, the pads are all position incorrectly.

To show you what I mean, and the overall solution to Lake Ober’s puzzle, here’s how the pads are positioned going from top to bottom:

Basically, the one closest to you from the entrance, are the top pieces. So, if you need to press the top middle one for example, you would have to jump on the one closer to the entrance in the middle, like the picture above.

We aren’t sure about whether they’re random puzzles each time, so that’s why we focused more on how the actual pads are positioned, rather than expressing which ones to press, and their order.

There might be similar puzzles later on in the playthrough as well, since in Omno the overall theme of some puzzles is being followed throughout the whole game.

In any case, if the positioning is random as well, try to find out which is the top and bottom sides, and use that to find the corresponding other sides.

Once you know which is top, you can start pressing on the pads, and simply follow the rule: If this is top, then the other side is bottom, and so on.

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