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Hell Let Loose, while being dangerously close to looking like a Battlefield knockoff, this game is a whole other beast. The gameplay pace and mechanics have some fundamental differences to other first-person shooters. It is expected that so many players are making complaints about not being able to see the enemy. That’s why, we’ll talk a bit about how to see the enemy in Hell Let Loose, and some other aspects of its gameplay.

Hell Let Loose: How To See The Enemy

How To See The Enemy – Hell Let Loose

Many players have a whole different approach to this problem, than I think they should have. For starters, most players, when eliminated, run back to the same spot, and try to find the enemy. That’s not the way to go.

Being a tactical game, you’ll have to focus on other things first, before you worry about seeing the enemy.

For example, I recommend that you put most of your focus on positioning. Hold your ground, Hell Let Loose is very forgiving to slow-pace gameplay, so try to take it as slowly as possible. Don’t rush into bad situations quickly.

Keep your distance, and try to flank the enemy using any sort of cover you can find. On average, you’ll get much better results just by holding your ground and flanking instead of rushing with no cover.

The second thing is scouting. I cannot explain just how important this is. Use your binoculars from different positions, and using the marker system in the game, mark everything that you see. The more area you scout, the better understanding you’ll have of that location, hence more prone to a successful attack.

Those are the two things I recommend doing, which will be of definite help to see the enemies in Hell Let Loose as well.

Cover is your best friend in this game, so don’t ignore it, go to cover every time you have the chance.

The game is chaotic, I know, and I’m not getting away from the issue of not being able to see your enemies, but the point is, it just boils down to your playstyle, for which you’ll need to adopt a slow pace one or a semi-defensive one.

And try to avoid maps with those forest, as they can be particularly difficult to see your enemies, try to progress with your mechanics and gameplay, and then try other more demanding maps.

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