Online Demo Announced for Mario Strikers: Battle League



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We may not be getting the Super Mario Brothers movie this year, but we are getting a new Mario title on the Nintendo Switch. Mario Strikers: Battle League is set to launch this June, and Nintendo Switch Online members have free access to a demo.

Online Demo Announced for Mario Strikers: Battle League

Here’s the announcement:

While only the tutorial is available now, you can check out online multiplayer when it kicks in from June 6–5. For more details on the upcoming events, you can just follow the official thread.

In Mario Strikers, you get to control Mario and friends (as well as his enemies) as they take to the field for some wacky, no holds barred soccer match. As you can see in the preview, fouls are completely allowed, and you’re allowed to kick and punch your way to victory.

Each unique player has special abilities that give them specific advantages in the arena. While Mario has the best all-around stats, it’s characters like Peach that get the boost for speed; and Donkey Kong and Bowser should come with some tank/bruiser abilities.

If your favorite character doesn’t have your ideal stats though, you can always gear them up to balance what abilities you want to get anyway.

You’re gonna get hit with the unexpected in Mario Strikers: Battle League! Tackle, pass, and score your way to victory in this chaotic soccer-ish sport. It’ll be so much fun, it hurts!

Mario Strikers: Battle League comes to the Nintendo Switch on June 10.

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