Could State of Play Give Us Some New Street Fighter 6 Reveals?


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It’s been months since we got the reveal for Street Fighter 6, but Capcom hasn’t given us any updates on the game since. The good news is, we could be getting something later in the week thanks to Sony’s State of Play.

Could State of Play Give Us Some New Street Fighter 6 Reveals?

As per insider Jeff Grubb, Capcom could be sitting on their next Street Fighter 6 reveal to have it come out during Sony’s State of Play this week. Here’s Grubb’s post:

If anything, some people think that Capcom could be waiting for a bigger event to give us our next look at Street Fighter, but seeing that Sony has promised we’ll be getting a look at other third-party games, a title as huge as Street Fighter is certainly not out of the question.

So far, fans have been speculating on what kind of titles could get reveals at the next State of Play. One title Sony is sure to address is God of War: Ragnarok which looks to be keeping its 2022 release date. If they want to release it this year, they better have something for the Sony events.

Going back to Street Fighter though, we don’t know what Capcom has up their sleeves, but we can probably expect a new roster of fighters with some old familiars returning. We don’t know how much they can really shake up the formula, but seeing as they have an extremely meticulous fanbase when it comes to their game design, I think the studio has to constantly tip-toe with Street Fighter.

Sony’s State of Play event launches on June 2 starting 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 12:00am CET on PlayStation’s Youtube and Twitch channels.  

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