How to Open Cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Skins are arguably the best thing to ever come to CSGO in terms of aesthetics. It gives the game just a tad more color to spice up the boring, monotonous colors that greet players every single time they play a map.

How to Open Cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

With the introduction of skins, players can now buy and equip skins for almost any weapon in CSGO. CSGO skins are plentiful with unique designs, patterns, and colors that can truly help players stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve always wondered how to open some cases to land that rare and expensive Dragon Lore AWP, then you’ve come to the right place.

One way to acquire skins in CSGO is through cases. To open cases, players will have to buy a key from the CSGO Store. These Keys cost $2.50 each, and every key is specific to a single Case. Cases are a random drop after every game in CSGO. Each case can only be opened once and will only give players one unique skin from the case collection.

What Are Skins?

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The introduction of skins in CSGO was good news for CSGO fans all over the world as it gives the game a breath of fresh air in terms of individual customizability and bragging rights. Players can buy and equip skins that tickle their fancy and even show off just how well off they are since some of these skins run for almost several thousand dollars each.

A good thing about skins in CSGO is that the designs are not necessarily tied to the price. There are some very interesting-looking skins in CSGO, which you can buy for cheaper than a cup of Starbucks. So whether you’re swimming in a pool of money or just scraped the bottom of the barrel, there is definitely a skin for everyone in CSGO.

What are keys?

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Keys are, well, keys. They are quite literally just a digital key used to open digital cases. In CSGO, there are several unique containers or cases which require a specific key to open. Luckily, players won’t have to guess which keys are for which Cases since keys are tied to a specific Case upon purchase.

Keys only cost $2.50, which is still arguably a lot considering you might only get a skin that costs $0.10 in return. Still, this gamble is a small price to pay if it’s your lucky day. If you do get unlucky, well, at least you got yourself a half-decent skin.

Rare skins can go for as much as several thousand dollars if you get lucky enough to acquire them. A rifle skin such as the AWP Dragon Lore can go for as much as $1500 in factory-new condition.

What are Cases?

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CSGO cases are containers that house a collection of skins ranging from dirt cheap useless crap to amazingly rare and expensive knives, rifles, AWPs, etc.

Some Cases are a limited-time drop that comes along every time there is a new operation introduced in-game. Each case has seven blue skins, five purple skins, three pink skins, and two red skins. Each color denotes a certain value tied to each skin class, with blue being the least sought after and red being considerably rare.

Additionally, there is a bonus yellow skin called Rare Special Item, which is usually a unique knife in CSGO. Knives have some of the highest base skin prices in CSGO, so landing a knife in the case opening roulette will most likely give the player a very valuable skin.

How to Open Cases in CSGO

If you have some extra cash to burn and want to test just how lucky you are for the day, then let’s open some Cases.

  1. Click on the Inventory Icon on the left-side panel on the CSGO Main Menu.
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  2. Next, choose a case which you would like to open. In this case(pun intended), we will open the Danger Zone case. Since we don’t have a key, we will have to purchase one.
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  3. To purchase a key, click on the Green Button at the bottom part of the screen.
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  4. This window should pop up if you don’t have enough Steam Credits. Do what you need to do to add Steam Credits to your account.
    image 178
  5. Once you have bought the key, go to your inventory and Right-Click on the Danger Zone Case Key and click on Unlock Container.
    image 179
  6. It will show you all the cases you currently own; just pick any one of the cases.
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  7. A roulette will spin briefly…
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  8. And land on a random skin from the case collection.
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A Case of Skins

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Cases are plentiful in CSGO. The more matches played in-game, the better the chances of getting case Drops.

Case openings are pretty exciting since you never know what you’re going to get from the case. We all hope to get that elusive knife that we have been dreaming about or land that pretty rare AK-47 Asiimov in Factory-New condition.

Whether you win or lose in the case openings, remember that even cheap skins are still better looking than the default gun skins, so you will still look better than the next guy with no Skins at all.

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