Original Joel and Ellie Actors Spotted in The Last of Us Trailer


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While a lot of people like original Joel and Ellie actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, they don’t really look like their characters in The Last of Us. With the latest trailer released though, some fans have been able to spot Baker and Johnson, playing very different roles.

Original Joel and Ellie Actors Spotted in The Last of Us Trailer

Check out these screenshots:

It’s said that Johnson is playing Ellie’s mother, Anna, who we don’t really meet in the game, but is definitely present here in the series. So far, the only thing we’ve gotten of Anna are letters she left for Ellie. In the lore, she died the same day she gave birth to Ellie, and left her in the care of her friend Marlene. Prior to the outbreak Anna was a nurse, and she had a switchblade which Ellie will eventually wield in The Last of Us Part II.

As for Baker, it seems that his role is pretty minor, being a random thug in the gang that fans assume is ran by David. Some think that Baker will be the member that Joel tortures in order to find Ellie, which I think would be a neat way to have Baker in the show besides being a random thug.

With director Neil Druckmann being a part of the series as well, fans are assuming there will be some great respect for the game that came before. While I’m not expecting an exact remake, I think the core themes of the series like fatherhood and isolation will be kept intact.

Catch The Last of Us when it premieres on HBO Max on Jan. 15, 2023. The Last of Us games are currently available for PlayStation 4|5.

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