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Outriders hit multiple platforms a few days ago, but to say that the game’s launch has been perfect is far from the truth. Since the game accumulated a lot of new players during the demo, Outriders’ servers just couldn’t keep up with how many players were trying to log in at the same time. Today, players are still experiencing errors when trying to play co-op multiplayer.

Outriders: Co-Op Not Working Fix

But is there a fix for this issue or is it an underlying one for Outriders? Join us as we uncover whether this can be fixed or not, and when the latest patch will arrive.

Co-Op Errors & Issues – Outriders

Even though this problem is aan underlying one with the game itself, there have been numerous reports of a few fixes that have worked for many. Still, it is a hit-or-miss, but sometimes, they do work.

Here are some fixes that players have found for the co-op not working error in Outriders:

  • Restart the game, and/or console or PC.
  • Use the matchmaking terminal instead of the pause menu multiplayer feature.
  • Enable crossplatform play in Options > Gameplay.
  • Restart router.
  • Use Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi.

The first three fixes are most notable that have been proven to work sometimes. The other two are just there because instead of the game having problems, it might be your system.

So, before checking everything or trying all of the other methods, ensure that you have a stable and fast internet connections, and that the Outriders servers aren’t down. To check server status, simply open up the official Outriders twitter account.

Outriders’ developers have always been upfront about the issues that the game has, and well, most of the issues are getting fixed in no time. We can only hope that as the game grows in popularity, nothing changes as far as maintenance and updating is concerned.

Whether Outriders’ popularity grows at the rate that it has been is a mystery, but there are some good signs pointing to that direction.

With that, there will probably be even more focus on keeping the game stable, well-balanced, and issue-free for the future.

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