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There was a big debate during the time that the Outriders demo was out on whether legendary gear will be available from chests. Unfortunately, that possibility was taken out from the demo, because players started abusing the replay story function in order to farm chests, only to reset the mission. However, it seems as though legendary loot from chests has made it back into the game.

Outriders: Secret Legendary Chest Location

Now, whether it has made it back into the game, or it is only specific to this chest is not yet known, since it is to early to guess. Still, there is a secret chest that gives players legendary loot.

Hidden Legendary Chest Location – Outriders

The hidden legendary chest is located in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk.

Now, it is important to note that in order to get to the chest a player needs to press three buttons that are wide apart in this location. With clicking all of these buttons, a hidden door will open, from where you can get the legendary loot.

On top of that, a player should be at least world tier eight or nine. This will greatly improve the chances that you get a legendary item from the chest.

Since the three buttons are far apart, and all of them are a bit hidden, it is pretty difficult to locate them. Simply follow the path on the video above, and you should get to them pretty quickly.

This chest became a big deal, just because, like I said, they removed legendary items from chests. Until now, it is still unknown whether legendaries are available from chests, because this is the only instance suggesting it is.

There will be some enemies contesting some of the locations in this area, so be careful of that. However, if you have no issues with world tier 8 or 9, they really aren’t that hard.

Lastly, those that have already beat the game report that this hidden door doesn’t work for them. In the best of scenarios they might have opened it previously, but it might be the case that this ”hidden” doorway locks itself after a player completes the game.

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