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Every corner you pass in Outriders will have a nasty surprise that you must deal with. The game has a couple of bosses, but the difficult part starts with the second boss – Chrysaloid. This boss will be located in the Forest, and it will be up to you to defeat this monstrosity. But in the classic Outriders nature, each boss is unique, and therefore, has unique and different attacks and defense mechanisms.

Outriders: How to Defeat Chrysaloid

In any case, we though that it would be best if we shared some tips on how to defeat this boss. In hindsight, it might be more straightforward than usual.

Beat the Chrysaloid Boss – Outriders

First Phase

For the first phase, this boss will only have three basic attacks. The first one is when he gets charged up, he will slam his claw, or take a swipe at you. At this point, your best bet is to start dodging. Thankfully, these attacks are easy to predict.

The difficult attack that you should avoid in the first phase is the breath attack. Basically, Chrysaloid will charge a red breath attack, and the only way to avoid it is to take cover. The best way to do it is to hide behind the huge rocks in the cavern.

Be careful about this one, because Chrysaloid will take a big chunk of your health if you get hit by it.

Sometimes, this boss will charge and hit the wall, but this attack is very easy to avoid. At one point, he will climb high up, and throw rocks from above. Look at the ground for red circles, and avoid those places, they take a while to hit, so there is no issue here as well.

Second Phase

After completing the first phase, the fight will go on in a different area, with water all around.

Some of the same attacks will stay like the red breath of doom, and the fact that he will throw and fling rocks at you. So, like in the first phase, look for those red circles to avoid many of the attacks.

The red breath can now be avoided, because the boss will only use it when afar. At some point, Chrysaloid will summon flying poisonous creatures. Focus on them, and try to bring them down as fast as possible. After summoning you have a few seconds of leeway.

You can either go close or long-range for damage, but I suggest you go long-range. It is much easier to control your positioning, and move out of the way from the rocks and the fiery breath.

With that said, there isn’t really anything much to add. Like I said, the second boss is where bosses start to be really challenging, so expect more problems with bosses in the future!

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