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Outriders is a huge game. Even though it might feel like a Destiny 2 rip-off, its demo showed us that this game has a lot more that many would’ve guessed it. It is a high-detailed fast-paced shooter, with huge worlds and levels, and even though we only caught a glimpse of it, it was still more than many would’ve hoped for. Traveling this vast world is difficult because of its size.

Outriders: How to Fast Travel

Thankfully, the developers have implemented a fast-travel system to help players reach locations much faster than they would normally do on foot. There is some confusion though as to how to use it.

Fast-Traveling in Outriders

Throughout the world, there are many things that players will come across, and one of them is fast transit sites. These sites can be used to access the fast travel system in the game.

However, a player must’ve used the transit site, or otherwise acknowledged it before. To do this, a player must locate a transit site, and then capture it by putting down an explorer flag. This will make the transit site usable in the future.

So, after putting down the flag, a player can access the fast-travel system from it, find a location that the player wants to travel to, and hit and hold the required key-bind to fast-travel.

When in a Co-Op mode though, all the players must confirm the chosen decision to fast-travel to a point on the map. This is to avoid any unwanted or useless travels. On top of that, players cannot initiate the fast-travel system while they’re in combat.

This goes out for all of the party members in the group. So, when travelling on Co-Op, none of the players should be in a combat sequence. If that is the case, players must wait for the fight to end in order to fast travel.

In many cases, levels in Outriders have a lot of rewarding things in every stage of them. Additionally, some quest items or objectives will need to be finished before proceeding.

With the fast-travel system, it allows players that have forgotten to do something in the earlier stage of the game, to get back to that location!

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