Outriders: How to Turn Off Motion Blur



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Games have come a long way in terms of graphics in the last few years. Nowadays, running games at 4K with all settings set to high and also on a 144 refresh-rate is not unheard of. This is the most pleasant experience you can have gaming at the moment. However, not many have the urging desire to do so, and you can have an equally pleasant experience even on lower settings.

Outriders: How to Turn Off Motion Blur

Outriders is a beautiful game, and it is quite action packed, which makes it graphically pop-off. But there are things like motion blur and other features which might cause motion sickness or dips in FPS.

Turning Off Motion Blur – Outriders

Unfortunately, in the demo this isn’t officially possible. Meaning, there is no option to turn off motion blur in the game itself.

Still, some handy players have found a workaround, and a manual disable of motion blur. But if you aren’t particularly PC-handy, we don’t recommend doing this, as it might cause some problems down the line for the game itself.

However, for those that had enough from motion blur in Outriders, they can disable it in the following way:

  1. On your PC, navigate to: C:Users AppDataLocalMadnessSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor
  2. Find two files: Engine.ini and Gameusersettings.ini
  3. Open those files with notepad, as an administrator.
  4. Paste the following codes at the end of the files (in both):





After that, save the files and then right-click on them and go to Properties. Then, select Read-Only, click Apply and OK.

After this point, there will be no motion blur in your game. This might cause some errors, since there must be a reason for why it was disabled in the demo altogether.

Putting the files in Read-Only prevents the game from writing any data to them. Which means that the settings won’t reset once you launch the game.

To re-enable motion blur in your game, just remove the added lines to Engine.ini and Gameusersettings.ini. After that, also make sure to deselect the Read-Only option for both aforementioned files.

NOTE: There isn’t any information whether this method causes bugs and/or errors in the game. Furthermore, the game might have a problem updating once the full game is fully-released.

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