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Outriders is nothing short of an astonishing game. Since the snippet was released not that long ago, the game amassed a lot of players. Many fell in love with the game, but there was just one problem, it was too short. On top of that, the developers stated that all of the progress made in the demo will be transferred to the full game, which led many to question how to progress even further.

Outriders: How to Replay Missions or Main Story

In hindsight, the demo is just too short to have any astonishing progress to transfer to the full game. But many aren’t aware that you can replay missions and part of the main story!

Play Missions & Main Story Multiple Times – Outriders

After you complete the full demo, you can start replaying the content in the game. To do this, go to the lobby menu, hit Select Story Point, choose one which you would like to replay, and then continue.

This way, you can replay the story of the game, and since you might already have progressed quite a bit, you can do it at a higher difficulty, which means better rewards as well. World Tiers are up to level five in the demo, and they offer different advantages.

As far as replaying side missions in Outriders, that is straightforward as well. To replay side missions, place the side mission in a different area, accept it, and this will make a new place in the world where you have to finish the mission.

Then, you can repeat the side missions by interacting with the NPCs responsible for those missions. Simply interact with a particular NPC, and you will have the option to repeat the mission.

All of this is great news for those that want to have the upper hand when the full game releases. In any case, with Outriders, even replaying the same missions repeatedly is also fun.

There were many legendary weapons and items that were made available not that long ago, and some of the ones that were removed, made it back into the game.

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