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Outriders is an RPG. Like any other role-playing game, it is dependent on the player’s ability to find, create, or loot their own stuff and gear. As far as Outriders is concerned, we’ve seen that RNG plays a big role in getting quality gear and excelling in the game. However, most of the time, you will have only a small chance to get legendary or quality gear.

Outriders Inventory | What Is Max Inventory Space

In other words, sometimes it can take multiple days of farming before players even see that golden light on legendary gear. When farming, inventory space is of utmost importance.

How Much Storage Capacity in Outriders

There is no doubt that this particular RPG is unlike others, and farming is a bit of a hassle. There is high-risk to low-reward when it comes to grinding out some items in the game.

We have seen that getting a legendary is lower than 1% chance, and that it might take you quite a while. If you’re farming chances are that you’re regularly getting other common gear that you don’t necessarily need.

But how much items can you cram in before you cannot hole anymore in Outriders?

There are 120 slots for items in player’s inventory in total, but those are divided between the gear items. The list goes as follows:

  • Weapons: 30 slots & 2 equipped – Primary and Secondary Weapon
  • Sidearms: 15 slots & 1 equipped
  • Headgear: 15 slots & 1 equipped
  • Upper Armor: 15 slots & 1 equipped
  • Lower Armor: 15 slots & 1 equipped
  • Gloves: 15 slots & 1 equipped
  • Footgear: 15 slots & 1 equipped

So, there is a cap to how many items a player can carry in Outriders. Still, when a slot is full, for example, headgear, the other headgear you will pick up will be sent to the stash, if previously configured in the Auto-Loot settings.

Nonetheless, there is a slight chance that your stash will be full as well. If that is the case, and you have configured your Auto-Loot settings, all of the gear that you gather when all of your slots and stash are full, will get dismantled.

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