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Depending on what side of the argument you are, you either like or dislike Fortnite’s direction at the moment. To say that Chapter two of Season six was a weird one, is an understatement. There were chickens, wolves, bosses, and a lot more that was added into the game. The vanilla days are over, and compared to how Fortnite was when it launches, well, it has evolved to a different game.

Fortnite: Do Chickens Deal Damage

In any case, even though there are new mechanics to consider and master, the gameplay hasn’t changed that drastically. However, with chickens, player can “fly”, but when capturing them, can they attack?

Can Chickens Attack in Fortnite

After a player catches a chicken, the character will hold it above its head, and will have a slow-falling effect. When jumping off high points, it is fairly reasonable to use a chicken to travel further and get down safely.

Granted, the only downside with using chickens is that players cannot build and/or use items while holding the chicken. In any case, capturing the chicken can be a hassle, and many wonder, will these attack you and do damage?

Thankfully, the chickens in Fortnite won’t deal any damage to players. When provoked, or when in close-proximity, the chickens will flee the scene at the speed of light.

A great way to capture a chicken if you’re looking to get one is to cut-it off in its path. Instead of going on its tail, try to guess which path the chicken will take, so that you can cut it off.

Whether chickens will impact Fortnite’s gameplay a whole lot is fairly unlikely. Nevertheless, it is true that in some cases, rare or not, these chickens might be a viable choice of play.

It is unfortunate though that one cannot build or shoot during holding a chicken, but in any case, there are much better ways to do that while flying. There is an objective this week for hunting these chickens, so if you’re in for the hunt, you can find chickens in the Autumnal Biome.

The Autumnal Biome covers places like the Boney Burbs and Colossal Crops. May you have luck on your chicken hunt!

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