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There is so much confusion on the topic of what is the max level cap in Outriders. There is so much conflicting information out there, and that has partly to do because of the unchecked sources stating that the max level is 30. However, this is not true, and quite frankly, it is fairly difficult to find out what the said max level is in this game.

Outriders: What is the Max Level

It seems as though the developers haven’t addressed this topic, and ran away from it a bit. Don’t get me wrong Outriders is and will be a huge game, and that goes for progression as well.

Max Level Cap – Outriders

The max level that Outriders will have is level 30 for characters. While that little might sound like, well, little, there will be other mechanics in the game which will further progression.

While there are only 30 levels, there will be a gear level, that players can maximize depending on what world tier they actually play at. So, after hitting level 30, players can continue to progress and grow with their gear.

For those wondering how many points there are available after reaching level thirty, the answer is 20 points that players can spend on the skill tree.

This might be somewhat a bummer, because there are a handful of people that have made a lot of progress in the demo, and have planned a lot more skill points for their skill tree.

At the moment, this is set in stone, but to be honest, if Outriders gets more on the radar for people, things might change and the game might get a lot more expansions for it.

After all, we’ve seen max level caps get extended or even removed in many games, and since Outriders is a similar game to those ones, that might be the case. However, that is purely speculation, and there isn’t a shred of evidence confirming this theory.

In any case, there is much content to be covered in the game. After getting the max level for a character, there is just so much to do for your gear as well. We will see how things pan out in the future though.

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