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The Presage mission has become somewhat of a legend in the newest season of Destiny 2. The main reason for this is because there are many objectives that need to be completed here, and most of them run on a weekly model. This means that you will possibly need to finish the Presage mission each week, in order to complete many of the objectives that are set there.

Destiny 2: Week 6 Presage Smuggling Compartment Chest Location

Whether you’ve had enough of this mission or not, you might be somewhat chained, because the sixth week’s smuggling compartment chest was just made available.

Smuggling Compartment Location Week 6 – Presage

Now, it is important to note that, before getting to “Tucked Away” which is the quest for the smuggling compartments, one must run Presage at least one, in order to unlock a captain’s log.

The captain’s log is an item which basically allows you to get to the next smuggling compartment, and actually get it. Don’t worry about the captain’s log though, because it will give you this item automatically after running Presage.

The locations for the smuggling compartments in previous weeks weren’t that scattered. Additionally, most were somewhat in the beginning of the mission, however, this week’s smuggling compartment is a bit different.

To get week 6 smuggling compartment, one must wait to reach the trash compactor area. Basically, you get to this area mid-mission, and it is the location where you have to shoot the vents in the floor.

Basically, shoot the vents, destroy all energy sources, and find a vent that is an entrance. Drop down, and you should see a tablet, activate it. Upon activation, jump out of this hole.

Search for another vent that is basically a hole underneath. Dropdown inside, and you should find the smuggling compartment for week 6 there.

Now, I would recommend that you shoot up all of the vents here in order to find the smuggling compartment as easy as possible.

Thankfully, there aren’t many vents that are actually holes beneath, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

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