Overwatch 2 Announces BIG Changes in Monetization Scheme


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Before Overwatch 2, players were able to get Overwatch credits to buy cosmetics they wanted, with loot boxes containing all kinds of surprise items. When the free model for OW2 launched, players were met with a battle pass, but they would now have to spend actual money if they wanted to unlock any cosmetics.

Overwatch 2 Announces BIG Changes in Monetization Scheme

A lot of fans had complained since the launch, with some even saying they missed the loot box mechanic; but now Blizzard has announced the return of Overwatch credits, and players will be allowed to earn up to 1500 credits for free. Here’s the post:

To reiterate, players have a chance to earn 1500 credits across the battle pass, and buying premium will allow you an extra 500. Since the price for Legendary skins have also been made cheaper, that gives every player a chance to win one Legendary cosmetic per season without having to make any purchases.

All skins will also now be made available year-round, meaning players won’t have to wait until their specific holiday season for the skins to be available. It’s also teased that the Overwatch credits will be able to access more potential rewards, but no specifics have been revealed as to what those could be.

To read more on the monetization change, you can visit the official site here.

I’ll admit, I think some of it is still questionable, but it’s at least better than the system that the game launched with. Hopefully these changes allow for players to access more specific cosmetics that they want moving forward.

Overwatch 2 is now playable for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


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