Overwatch 2: Easy Tips for Zenyatta


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If Ramattra is the leader of Null Sector in Overwatch 2, then his opposite is Zenyatta, the omnic monk who is all about Peace, Tranquility, and generally good vibes.

Overwatch 2: Easy Tips for Zenyatta

Zen is an original hero in the game and has been on the character roster since the first Overwatch. He’s considered one of the game’s most solid support heroes, not because he’s great at healing. Some have said that Zen is a DPS character in disguise.

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta Basic Breakdown

Zenyatta doesn’t have the most dramatic backstory among the characters in the game. Still, he does represent the good side of the omnic race, being a member of the Shambali Monastery, a group of omnics advocating peace and free will.

He has a history of being Genji’s mentor in the game—which is apparent in their interactions, and he also has beef with Ramattra in the same vein as the rivalry between Professor X and Magneto in X-Men.

For Zen’s kit, he has an Orb of Harmony, which he uses to heal his teammates one at a time; an Orb of Discord, which he can cast on enemies and add the damage they receive by 25%; and his ultimate, Transendence, turns Zen invulnerable for six seconds, in which time he can move a lot faster and quickly heal his allies at 300 health per second.

Zen is not the most mobile support hero, but he does make up for it with his ability to deal heavy damage. His health is also mostly shielded, so if you get damaged playing him, you simply have to hide somewhere. Then, wait a little bit, and his health will replenish automatically.

A screenshot showing Zenyatta in Overwatch 2

Always have Harmony and Discord Out

Like every other character in the roster, it’s essential to make the best of their abilities. Pros suggest that Zen should always have his orbs of Harmony and Discord out.

While you don’t need to aim with both abilities, they do need to be in his sight line to work. However, that doesn’t mean that Zen has to be looking at the orb. He just has to be visible to it. The ball will return if Zen is removed from the line of sight. It will take 3 seconds for Harmony and 1.5 seconds for Discord.

It’s important to know what removes the orbs and always has them cast on someone in the game.

A screenshot showing Mercy in Overwatch 2

Partner with a ‘Main’ Healer

For his ‘Peace and Tranquility’ schtick, Zen is not the fastest healer of the support bunch, and that’s why they balanced him out by giving him very good damage. When picking Zen, ensure that the team has a ‘main’ healer who is most effective at healing; your job will then have to pick up their slack.

As a support healer, prioritize teammates harder to target for the main healer, usually very mobile heroes like Genji and Tracer or a flyer like Pharah, who can be hard to reach with the heights she can access.

A screenshot showing Zenyatta attacking an enemy champion in Overwatch 2
via: OgreJoe/Youtube

Use Your Kick

While melee abilities are usually afterthoughts for a character’s main kit in Overwatch 2, Zenyatta has a very effective kick for his melee. Not only does it deal great damage, but it also has good knockback.

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Whenever a DPS corners you, you can push them back with a swift kick and buy some time to escape or for help to arrive.

A screenshot showing Zenyatta in Overwatch 2

Use Alternate Fire Wisely

Though Zen can deal great damage with his primary attack, his secondary attack gathers the damage of five orbs and deals them out quickly. Zen also has a huge hitbox, so the secondary fire is very effective against faraway enemies and can have Zen take out snipers like Widowmaker or Hanzo.

Admittedly, the charge-up is too slow that quick enemies can easily stop you. Make sure to charge while out of sight first before coming out to fire your shot. You can cancel the charge by doing a melee kick if it’s too late.

A screenshot showing Zenyatta using his alternate fire ability in Overwatch 2

“Pass Through The Iris”

Zen’s Transcendence ultimate is best used for blocking other ultimates like Soldier’s Tactical Visor or Genji’s Dragonblade—anything that doesn’t do a great burst of damage. You can also use his invulnerability to block other attacks for a while.

Take note, this only lasts for six seconds, so some pros advise that you spend the first half of the ultimate saving your team and the latter half retreating to the back to save yourself from enemy fire.

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