How To Get Silhouette Icons in Overwatch 2


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Learn how to get silhouette icons in Overwatch 2!

How To Get Silhouette Icons in Overwatch 2

There are multiple kinds of cosmetics for Overwatch 2, from skins to victory poses, and while there is a store where players can buy whatever they want, there are also some cosmetics in the game that players will have to earn.

Whether it be a specific type of skin or a Golden Weapon, several cosmetics in Overwatch 2 end up being trophies for players since they can only be acquired through gameplay, and one of those cosmetics is in the Silhouette Icon.

What are Overwatch 2 Silhouette Icons?

Silhouette Icons are icons of a specific hero’s profile, usually with one color scheme. Each Overwatch 2 hero has an icon, and it’s set to their default skin.

Though some icons have to be purchased or could be obtained via the Battle Pass, the Silhouette Icon for a hero is a trophy that is earned by gameplay and is usually a sign that a player is pretty adept with the hero, kind of like the game’s highly coveted Golden Weapon, but only on a smaller scale.

A screenshot showing silhoutte icons of the champions in Overwatch 2
via: u/xmnezya_ow/Reddit

How to Win Them

To unlock the Silhouette Icon of a specific hero, a player has to earn 15 victories with the hero. These can be done either via Role Queue or Open Queue.

Simply hone in on which hero you would like the Silhouette Icon of, and play them repeatedly for consecutive games. When you get to 15 victories, the silhouette icon will automatically unlock. It will be free for you to set up via the Career Profile menu.

What Not to Do

Since it takes a lot of effort for one win, you want to ensure your work goes toward your goal. Ensure that your game mode is Role Queue or Open Queue. Other modes like Custom Games and Training will not affect the win counter and will only stall your progress.

Sticking to the character you want to unlock the Silhouette for is also important. Switching a character mid-match is said not to count as a win.

A screenshot showing Winston in Overwatch 2

Longer Than You Thought

Though 15 wins does sound like a breeze for experienced players, it can take quite a while for casual gamers, and you could find yourself going through a week of games just trying to get 15 victories.

Players can only try to shorten the process by ensuring they can use the same character in every match and play as short as possible.

It will probably help if you stick to one specific role when queuing up for a game. That way, you can increase the chances of playing a specific character. On the other hand, it could be harder to land a match when you’re only signed up for one role. That is because the game would then have to wait for specific openings for that role instead of just putting you in any match that was missing a specific role.

It’s all a matter of whether you would prefer to wait and only play one specific character or just keep powering through matches, waiting to land the role you wanted to take.

Instead of just one specific hero, aiming for one hero for every role available could be helpful. These roles are Tank, Support, and Damage. Whatever role you get for a match, you’ll have something to aim for.

Tracking Your Progress

Though the game automatically logs in your wins, knowing how much more you have to progress is also great. You can do this by going to the Challenge Menu and the Herotab. Here, they can see the rewards and your progress toward them.

This should also be helpful for anyone trying to land all Silhouette Icons, as it will tell you which hero needs more playtime.

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